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Green Hell description

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As we were expecting, Green Hell has been released on 29th of August 2018 by Creepy Jar, ho are also the developers of this game. A game of survival and simulation, Green Hell has first offered early access in order to improve as many aspects of the game before launching it and getting the final reviews – which were very positive.

Moreover, Green Hell is about continuously struggling to survive inside a dangerous and extremely beautiful, visually enhanced Amazonian forest. Presenting a story of both defeating physical and mental weaknesses and a journey of survival and discoveries, Green Hell has already gained the most positive appreciations for the graphics, mechanics and story as well.

Green Hell Story

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The story of Green hell is throwing the player very deep into an Amazonian rain forest, right in the middle of vibrant emerald colors and impenetrable landscapes with huge trees and unexpected creatures. Therefore, you are to survive in a solo adventure full of the nightmares of the depth of an Amazonian environment, by using the most intuitive means of escaping.

The only item you’ll have as a friend in the green hell of the Amazonian rain forest will be a radio, while the voice you will hear will be of a loved one and will be your only guide through the non-hospitable and endless seeming jungle, which will slowly and cruelly reveal, in each second of your exploration, the story of how you actually got into that horrible place. Also a psychological thriller or survival in extreme conditions of isolation, combat with environment and your own physical needs such as hunger or sleep, the story of Green Hell is also a story of keeping your sanity in completely insane circumstances of solitude. In the end, the discoveries you’ll do from your memory about how you arrived into the forest that has brought terror and amazed you as ell every moment of your life lately, is promising to be even more scaring and unexpected than the characters and phenomenon you’ve fought so far in order to survive.

Green Hell Mechanics

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Game mechanics are unique and bring a new set of dynamic features such as a changing environment for the addictive story, impact of the environment of your actions, and a greatly designed setting in an Amazonian rainforest, with a multitude of flora and fauna to help you survive sometimes and to offer you new thrilling challenges and dangers other times. You will get to start fires, build camps and create animal traps, to craft weapons for defense and find sources of food to survive.

Otherwise, Green Hell is a simulation game of survival and therefore, all you’ll have to do will be to survive – yet it doesn’t mean this will be easy, according to the physical and mental condition your character will have to suffer and fight. There will be a constant need of willpower for your character, as he will otherwise be sentenced to death or madness, so you are going to be challenged by managing both aspects of wellbeing in psychophysical parameters, as they will be tightly related. You will be allowed to inspect your body for an accurate diagnosis and healing, inclusively for removing potential parasites, while you will also get to explore the depths of the Amazonian forest using your map of the world. You’ll face reptiles, birds, mammals and insects, all having natural and authentic behavior in front of you as a human, and you’ll need to let away ignorance in order to fight your character’s fears and weaknesses and to explore the exotic environment of the world’s richest and most spectacular, multicolored forest, full of sounds, tones and dangers. The game is very promising regarding graphic and mechanics and so are the reviews of its gameplay, so it is definitely recommended for adventure/survival game lovers.

Green Hell Modes

Green Hell 05

The game features a single and major solo player mode, as it is a test for facing solitude and keeping your character’s sanity, for exploring alone and defeating interior weaknesses, for facing an entire Amazonian rainforest alone and discovering not only the environment but your character’s own past and secrets as well. Moreover, the game holds some secondary modes for a more enjoyable and authentic experiences – for example, the body inspection mode, which will allow you to take a look upon the condition of your body, search for wounds, parasites or diseases and treat your injuries or other problems with the suitable method, according to the situation.

Green Hell Technical Issues

Green Hell 06

Probably the most annoying bug reported as not being able to save the game after a long time of playing and exploring, of learning how to survive by getting fed and warm and building a shelter. Some further, yet smaller mechanical and graphical bugs appeared as well, but overall they were fixed by the developers and obtained very positive reviews during the last months.

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Available on: PC

Game Platform: Steam

Publishment year: 2018

Gengre: Survival, Indie, Simulation, Early Access