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Dying Light II description

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The more than excellently reviewed Dying Light is returning on in an even better form, with improved parkour schemes and extended game of hunting on zombies, in a new release by Techland entitled Dying Light II. Expected to be published sometimes during this year, in 2019, Dying Light II has been announced to represent a type of sequel for the first Dying Light.

While there are not many known yet about how the game will be different and special in comparison to Dying Light, we have already found out that entire parts of the city will be changeable according to the player’s preferences. Gathering new designers, storytellers and developers, Dying Light II is expected to offer a more extended storyline, a higher number and complexity of human factions and a lot more options to control in the city.

Dying Light II Story

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As already confirmed in the game description, the story of Dying Light II is going to be even more permissive than its initial game, Dying Light. This time, the storyline will be even more influenced by the player who will get in charge of the world where he’ll fight and survive in confrontation with the horrible creatures resulted from the terrifying epidemic that took control over the city’s most vulnerable characters. Therefore, entire places of the city are going to change according to the player’s will, while his movements in parkour schemes and his crafting of creative weapons for spectacular battles are going to offer even more freedom and place for a more enjoyable gameplay full of imagination.

What is expected about Dying Light II, is that the first voice you’ll here in the story of the game will be Chris Avellone’s, defining even from the very beginning, with his storytelling skills, a dark modern age. You will be introduced by his dedicated voice into the world presented as holding a civilization that started going back in the dark ages and where everything around is full of cruelty, merciless and brutal. No more plot details being revealed in order to keep up the mystery and enthusiasm amongst fans, developers of Dying Light II offered, anyway, a few more clues about the fact that action in the second game will be taking place 15 years after the first game, when, in a city full of new human factions in need for assistance and cooperation in order to fight death, a new mission will come up: finding a new object having the power of changing the entire future of the humankind.

Dying Light II Mechanics

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According to game developers, the mechanics of Dying Light II is going to be much improved and enriched in comparison to the first Dying Light mechanics. There are expected around 50 ne combos for crafting weapons, ne technologies and tricks for movement, survival and, obviously, more intense combats, more brutal tools for torture and ne abilities such as sneaking up on enemies in order to kill them more silently.

But the most engaging mechanics of the game will be the two powerful elements inspired from the initial Dying Light but improved and further developed in Dying Light II. The night/day cycle will be back, yet it will be much more difficult to find solo infected characters under the sunlight. They will have places to hide in groups and one wrong step ill get your character killed by a zombie at anytime if you decide to go there not enough prepared for the challenge. And the other improved mechanic will be represented by the super powered volatiles, which will chase you in even faster sprints so that you will also be challenged to improve your fighting and defending technique by using some new environmental tools and crafting a new and powerful UV flashlight.

Dying Light II Modes

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Regarding modes, we are not expecting for much differences in comparison to Dying Light II multiplayer mode, but still keep an eye open for new updates, as we can only be sure about each aspect of the game once it is finally released.

Dying Light II Technical Issues

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Technical issues are also going to be reported for sure only once the game will be published and tested, so just like in the case of the game modes, keep close and be ready to hear the brand new information about this last aspect as well after Dying Light II will be launched worldwide.

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Available on: PC, Playstation, Xbox

Game Platform: DyingLightGame

Publishment year: 2019

Gengre: RPG, Action