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Dying Light description

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It was released by Techland Publishing on the 26th of May 2015 and after its Techland developers have focused a lot on creating an engaging gameplay using excellent graphics and visual elements, Dying Light is now a first-person game of action and survival.

Set in a vast and open world, the actions you’ll take in this game to be roaming in a city devastated by a completely mysterious epidemic, crafting your weapons and searching for supplies, everything in order to fight and defeat tens of hordes of enemies hungry for flesh, and to help other people in need for a savior. Struggling to survive and to improve during the game, your character will have an interesting gameplay generated by the complex mechanics and some even more engaging settings and atmosphere generated by the story and objectives that you’ll discover step by step in Dying Light.

Dying Light Story

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Coming up with a story of zombie apocalypse and survival in cruel conditions, Dying Light is bringing the player in the first plan of the game story, as a hunter by daytime and as a prey by nighttime. There will be a constant need of cooperating with other players in those extreme conditions of the epidemic taking place all over the city, and improving in parkour skills and jumping over entire buildings, as well as in getting creative in every combat using the resources and weapons available will be some important musts for an ensured victory.

Entire hordes of zombies hungry for flesh will be eager to devastate everything around, while players’ roles will be to search and deposit supplies, exploring the urban environment for a better understanding of what they are dealing with. Crafting weapons is always going to be a principal occupation for players, in order to have the necessary means to defense hen, at nighttime, the light of the sun will no longer protect the healthy remained people from the infected lethal Volatiles, ho ill leave their nests as soon as sun will go down and will start hunting every remaining piece of fresh human flesh. Freedom of movement like never before will be offered during the story of Dying Light to every player, allowing them to get creative and influence the game story in their preferred way.

Dying Light Mechanics


Dying Light 02Mechanics in Dying Light are highly developed thanks to an appreciable dedication coming from the developers. The most unique element of the game and in general for this genre of games, is the complexity of parkour gameplay. With this type of ability, players will be able to go anywhere, climb every building, make spectacular jumps and even use their skill as a creative and unexpected weapon in front of their enemies, during the most challenging combats. In order to run for a more powerful attack or to escape from hunters in nighttime, the parkour ability will be offering speed and unexpected ease in traversing the city by climbing walls, jumping from one rooftop to another and supervising the ground from above.

The dozens of outfits available for the characters are also an interesting element of the game mechanics, allowing you to create a unique identity and to create quarantine zones and survival trips in order to explore terror along with the friends and other players with whom you will be cooperating – which will be a really necessary element in order to in Dying Light. Not in the end, the tension of night and fear of dark will be implemented by great graphics, immersive sounds and excellent movements, completing the Dying Light mechanics with a sinister atmosphere on top of its already existing complexity.

Dying Light Modes

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The accent is obviously put on the gameplay and terror in Dying Light more than on its modes – therefore, apart from the multiplayer mode allowing players to enjoy slaying zombies together, and besides the game expansions later appeared, there are no other modes to discuss further.

Dying Light Technical Issues

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As for the technical issues of the game, developers have done a great job, attracting mostly positive reviews ever since the game as released and having no major technical problems, bugs or inconveniences reported recently.

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Avalibe on: PC, Laptop, Playstation, Xbox

Game Platform: Steam

Publishment year: 2015

Gengre: Survival, RPG, Action