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Dying Light

It was released by Techland Publishing on the 26th of May 2015 and after its Techland developers have focused a lot on creating an engaging gameplay using excellent graphics and visual elements, Dying Light is now a first-person game of action and survival. Set in a vast and open world, the actions you’ll take in this game to be roaming in a city devastated by a completely mysterious epidemic, crafting your weapons and searching for supplies, everything in order to fight and defeat tens of hordes of enemies hungry for flesh, and to help other people in need for a savior. Struggling to survive and to improve during the game, your character will have an interesting gameplay generated by the complex mechanics and some even more engaging settings and atmosphere generated by the story and objectives that you’ll discover step by step in Dying Light.

Dying Light II

The more than excellently reviewed Dying Light is returning on in an even better form, with improved parkour schemes and extended game of hunting on zombies, in a new release by Techland entitled Dying Light II. Expected to be published sometimes during this year, in 2019, Dying Light II has been announced to represent a type of sequel for the first Dying Light. While there are not many known yet about how the game will be different and special in comparison to Dying Light, we have already found out that entire parts of the city will be changeable according to the player’s preferences. Gathering new designers, storytellers and developers, Dying Light II is expected to offer a more extended storyline, a higher number and complexity of human factions and a lot more options to control in the city.


Green Hell

As we were expecting, Green Hell has been released on 29th of August 2018 by Creepy Jar, ho are also the developers of this game. A game of survival and simulation, Green Hell has first offered early access in order to improve as many aspects of the game before launching it and getting the final reviews – which were very positive. Moreover, Green Hell is about continuously struggling to survive inside a dangerous and extremely beautiful, visually enhanced Amazonian forest. Presenting a story of both defeating physical and mental weaknesses and a journey of survival and discoveries, Green Hell has already gained the most positive appreciations for the graphics, mechanics and story as well.