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Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic

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Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic description

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Announced to be published during the first quarter of the 2019 year by its developers and publishers both represented by 3Division, Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic is the ultimate game of constructing a republic of your own and of obtaining, with strategy and action, a rich industrial superpower out of a poor, little developed country.

Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic is a real-time game of city-building, inspired from the soviet themes regarding design and gameplay, which will be a unique experience for every player due to its authenticity and modifiable aspects regarding the building and management of a republic.

Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic Story

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More of a simulation and strategy game than a story-based one, Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic is a game about building a republic with an invincible industry out of a poorly developed country. A game that will simulate everything it takes to build a republic, it will be a story of development and ascension, of technological and economical progress within the soviet parameters from which the visuals and strategic aspects have been inspired.

There will be economy simulation, transportation aspects to be managed, several industries to manage and citizens to assign multiple jobs such as health, culture, religion and many more, a variety of resources of huge dimensions amongst which you will find food, materials, animals and basic technologies from which to start in order to build your republic. With highly authentic soviet vehicles and buildings, the game will have an increasing difficulty as you will start your evolution and all the elements combined are going to make the gameplay highly enjoyable – you can read more about how you can play Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic by reading the Game Mechanics described below.

Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic Mechanics

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 Getting an insight upon the Early Access statements, we find out that the developers are still implementing the ideas that they and their players gather along. While they still work on graphic improvements and optimization, Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic developers affirmed that they are currently focusing on coming up with new transportation types, including new vehicles, aircraft and ships, on developing new buildings and on adding the best game mechanics, with a focus on the connection with citizens mirrored into demonstrations, demands and escapes.

 Moreover, the game is about managing every aspect of the republic, from economical aspects to mining, manufacturing, constructions, investments and citizens. Players will get to create entire industry complexes, including factories, storage, warehouses and stations for loading and unloading, will need to build infrastructure and manage the traffic in a productive way by wisely connecting the railways, sidewalks and roads with homes, factories and so on, and will need to focus on planning and building the best living areas for a happy living of the citizens, including taverns, shops, playgrounds and cinemas. And not to forget that the game is about intelligently using resources for the best results, the game will continuously grow in difficulty, having variations of prices and changes in citizens’ demands and requiring an improving management at every stage. With over 30 commodities to mine, manufacture and transport, tens of resources excellently suggested by genuinely detailed designed symbols, and specific requirements for each action you’ll decide to take, the game mechanics promise to be very complex and interesting to manage, offering a completely unique gameplay experience and a definitely enjoyable building of the most powerful industry in a soviet republic context.

Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic Modes

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 Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic is also going to offer a variety of modes and ways to play the game, offering the players the freedom of making their own choices of strategy in their way to building their soviet republic. As a consequence, you will get to choose from either focusing on building a self-sufficient republic or on getting products and natural resources to trade for money.

Another interesting mode of the game will be the easy sandbox mode, one that will provide you unlimited resources and money so that you will only be enjoying the process of building your republic regardless of other authentic economical, political or managerial aspects during such an experience.

Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic Technical Issues

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The technical issues are yet to be reported after several tests and players’ review, so we will only find out about them after the first quarter of 2019, when the game will be finally published and open to the opinions of the entire world.

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Available on: PC

Game Platform: Steam

Publishment year: 2019

Gengre: Simulation, Strategy, Early Access