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Developed by Paradox Development Studio, Stellaris is a new strategy game of exploration in a wonderful galaxy which has been released in May 2016 in a version for PC and which is soon going to be launched, on 25th of February 2019, for platforms such as PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

 Allowing players to explore with complete freedom unique planets and star systems from the galaxy, right in the middle of their creation center, the simulation game is offering a huge diversity of elements to choose in creating the most enjoyable galactic world, for a boost of creativity and imagination given to the players eager to explore unexpected results of stellar combination and expeditions in the universe.

Stellaris Story

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Just as several similar games focused on creating a galactic empire and ruling over the entire Universe created by the player, only with a different and unique graphic and set of visual elements, Stellaris is another game of simulation and strategy that doesn’t come with a much developed scenario, allowing, instead, the player to write his own script when making decisions and discovering the galaxy that he is able to give life to or to explore.

 Engaging the player into a gameplay that requires attention and strategy, Stellaris will let the playing person decide whether the game would be a story of fight and conquer and of spectacular battles, or if it would simply be telling the legend of their own name creating an entire galaxy immersed in harmony and peace, with beautiful designs and interesting characters, in its evolution amongst hundreds of years. Complex in options and customizable elements, Stellaris will let players enter its universe by selecting a certain race to develop and to build a galaxy with, one that will be telling its own story and will make specific discoveries, interacting with various systems of the galaxy, with other species met during travels in the Universe and with their own civilization as well. Either if Stellaris will be about building a galactic kingdom and expanding it through war, either by integrating alien civilizations and adopting a diplomatic attitude, this will be only the decision of its player, the one who will control the entire epic wire of the hundreds of years of stellar scenarios.

Stellaris Mechanics

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With an easy to use interface and complex and efficient mechanic for each component, the game will offer players the opportunity to create their own empire in a huge galactic environment. You will have to choose from seven different races to enter your world and build your empire with, each having a unique story, ethic, appearance and set of abilities.

 The gameplay, moreover, will be offering three primary aspects that will show great importance in building and developing, expanding and ruling over the universe you aim to control. These aspects will be physics, society and engineering. Each option selected will take the course of the story and playthrough towards a new direction and each interaction with other civilization will either transform into a strong alliance or into a brutal war. You will decide if you want to fight aliens or other political communities you will meet during your exploration of the solar system and beyond, or if you prefer assimilating foreign communities and getting stronger. Your civilization will be defined by your every action, from your ruling style to your way of designing the appearance and functions of your characters and spacecrafts.

 You will encounter interesting features and possibilities, such as exploring anomalies with the help of your heroic scientist leaders, changing generations or designs. But to analyze a challenging element, not every civilization met in a travel will be eager to become friends or allies. Some of the alien communities will be thirsty for a new fight and you will need to be ready to face them, while other civilizations might be already decaying, allowing you to decide either to assimilate and help them, or to fight and take their territory and goods. Other civilizations will be just as young and new in the universe as yours and you might team up and exploit all the existing opportunities for expansion and further technological progress. Interstellar travels will probably be the most visually enhanced element, allowing you to enjoy every second of the detailed graphics offered by the developers in a unique show of lights, colors and movements of the universe.

Stellaris Modes

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Stellaris is comin n to different game modes to be explored, even along in a single player mode, or along with other space enthusiastic friends, in a multiplayer mode which will take place online, gathering up to 32 players.

Stellaris Technical Issues

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Not very many technical issues have been reported, but among the one signalized we can mention the performance slowing down annoyingly after about 100 years of time passed in the game, game crisis in combats not having real effect upon your galaxy and Artificial Intelligence not always working at the high level expected .

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Available on: PC

Game Platform: Steam

Publishment year: 2016

Gengre: Strategy, Simulation