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Jon Shafer’s At the Gates

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Jon Shafer’s At the Gates description

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Developed and published by Conifer Games, recently released on the 23rd of January 2019, Jon Shafer’s At the Gates is a new game of strategy which will engage you in an indie experience inspired from the Civilization series.

     Bringing you to times of the dark age and offering you the role of a lord, the game will assign you the mission of building a kingdom able to replace the destructed Roman Empire – a main quest which will challenge you on several plans, taking you to explore the surrounding landscapes, to cultivate and harvest resources, to manage clans and to even build a military system and a decent economic machine to help you rule over your ne kingdom.

Jon Shafer’s At the Gates Story

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     You will be brought by the story of Jon Shafer’s At the Gates into a world where Europe is dominated by the Roman Empire and where, when the power of the mighty kingdom will start fading and guiding it towards destruction, your protagonist will have to take control upon a tribe with barbaric values and brutal habits. Taking the opportunity of the Roman Empire’s decreasing glory, you will be able to take some important decisions, in order to gain a position that would start dominating the old continent, fighting and eliminating other tribes and clans having the just same aim or allying with them for a more certain victory. Another threat in this decision to expand will be the weaker, yet still powerful attention of the Romans, who will still fight anyone threatening their power.

      Starting with an unwelcoming realm and exploring the surroundings for resources and other civilizations to ally with, Jon Shafer’s At the Gate is offering more of an adventure than a story, where you will be the main character and you will have to use each enemy weakness as your opportunity to become stronger. With strong conflicts and a realistic strategy for winning, such as having to erase a civilization from the face of Earth if it opposes your will and growing expansion, or such as brutally killing enemies who attack you, your realm will become stronger, bigger and more developed by expanding to a maximum potential and blossoming into the new glorious dominator of the surrounding nations and continents.

Jon Shafer’s At the Gates Mechanics

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     In order to avoid a boring atmosphere that might encounter once you dominate the world and gain your victory, and in order to prevent the way too early or easy level of the game, the developers have added a challenging mechanic process into Jon Shafer’s At the Gates, which offers a dynamic nature of your resources. They will not be unlimited and, once you use or lose them, you will have to go, explore and search or craft others in order to keep your goods and not lose any piece of the empire you’re building. For example, if you will pass through a dynamic cruel winter in a journey towards the far north, there will be a great source of vast reaches and of gold unveiled for your stock. But this type of research for resources will need to carry on during the entire gameplay, in order to ensure your glory.

     Another important element in the game mechanic is represented by diplomatic relations maintained, build or broken with other nations. While a gift offered to a hungry nation on the edge of dying of starve will mean finding a new ally and a loyal friend, other tribes my betray you or attack you, so you will always have to be prepared for the modifications that the artificial intelligence of the game will bring up. As for the combat system of Jon Shafer’s At the Gates, there will be a large variety of strategic maneuvers to adapt, including skillfully planning your attacks using the weather conditions as a disadvantage for more vulnerable enemies in order to cut their supplies to make them weaker or to attract them into a storm when you know their equipment is less resistant to such conditions. You will need to come up with intelligent strategies in order to take down your opponents, which will not all be easily defeated, while various missions and quests are going to better organize your gameplay and make it a unique adventure.

Jon Shafer’s At the Gates Modes

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     Jon Shafer’s At the Gates is a solo experience of building an empire out of a small colony of brutal people, coming with a single player mode.

Jon Shafer’s At the Gates Technical Issues

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     Thanks to constant updates and improvements, the majority of technical issues have been improved by the developers, for a smooth playthrough, yet from the previously encountered technical problems, we can mention a few bugs, a few crashes of the game after playing for around an hour and some situations when the game couldn’t be saved and hours of playing and evolution were lost.

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Avalibe on: PC

Publishment year: 2019

Gengre: Strategy, Indie