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Homeworld Remastered Collection

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Homeworld Remastered Collection description

Homeworld HD

Remastered edition of the innovative cosmic real-time strategy, developed in 1999 by Relic Entertainment studio. The team of Gearbox Software, known mainly for the Brothers in Arms and Borderlands series, has tried to refresh the iconic title.

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Homeword 1 description

The first game is a story about the fate of the people known as Kushan, who for thousands of years developed his own civilization on the Kharak desert planet. The history of this community consisted mainly of the course of wars turned on by few natural resources. Everything changed with the finding of the wreck of a large spacecraft. It had technology that enabled interstellar travel and a map leading to the planet known as Hiigara, which in Kushan meant “House.” This discovery united Kharak residents and for the next century the whole society focused on building their own ship based on solutions found in the wreckage. During the first flight there was a tragedy, however, the ship made a hyperspace jump, but only the few fighters of a hostile alien civilization discovered in the target location After defeating them and returning to Kharak orbit, it was discovered that these units were only part of a great armada that murdered all inhabitants of the planet. Thus, 600,000 Kushans, dormant in the ship’s hibernation chambers, became the last survivors of the pogrom, there was no sense in returning to the destroyed planet, so the decision was made to start the journey towards Hiigara.

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Homeword 2 description

In turn, the story told in Homeworld 2 begins 115 years after the events of the first part. The past century was a period of peace and prosperity for the Kushan race and her new home, the planet Hiigara. The end of this golden age came with the rise of the warrior Vaygr, which launched a massive invasion of Kushan civilization. After a series of battles it became clear that the inhabitants of Hiigara were in a lost position, so they made the decision to build a powerful Mother Ship, which was to tip the scales of victory on their side. Unfortunately, the victorious march of the enemy reached the shipyard, which was the place of construction of this unit before work on it was completed. That is why it was decided to take it into space and escape from the enemy with the few remaining Hiigarians aboard.

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Both parts of the series are cosmic RTSs, in basic assumptions remaining faithful to the rules governing this genre. Our task is to collect raw materials, deliver them to the mother ship, and then use them to produce new units and develop technologies. What distinguishes this production from other games is the combat system. The battles are in the stellar void, and the authors have made full use of its three-dimensional character. The gameplay is not limited to a horizontal plan, and instead we can also attack from above and from below. Combined with a small number of objects on the maps, it completely transforms the course of the clash, making traditional tactics become completely useless and players are forced to invent new ones. An additional influence on the course of the campaign is the fact that the army created by the player is constant and moves from mission to mission. Both games have long, one-player modes consisting of several missions, and a separate element of this pack is a unified multiplayer combining units and maps from both parts. In addition, Homeworld Remastered Collection offers an improved audiovisual frame compared to the original. All textures have been changed to high resolution versions, and the cutscenes were drawn from scratch. The whole soundtrack was also restored, which took place under the supervision of Paul Ruskay, the composer responsible for the original soundtrack.
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Avalibe on: PC

Publishment year: 2017

Gengre: Strategy