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Galactic Civilizations III description

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With excellent graphics for the time when it was published, Galactic Civilizations III has managed to gather mostly positive reviews in a really short time after it got released by its developers, Stardock Entertainment, on 14th of May 2015.

 Galactic Civilizations III is about building a civilization in a huge space game of strategy, and to ensure that specific population is going to resist during ages in your Universe. The variety of unique races and technological resources ready to use in the game are what make this game highly permissive for its players to get creative while struggling to achieve the objective of becoming the most popular name in the galaxy using the chosen strategy: espionage, diplomacy, technological progress and others.

Galactic Civilizations III Story

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The story of Galactic Civilization III is presented after ten years passed since the war against the Drengin Empire, the Dread Lords and their Yor allies reign took place. Therefore, most of those races that allied against the Dread Lords are currently subjugated or have already been exterminated. Fortunately, Earth is yet isolated and protected from these horrors due to its Precursor shield. In 2242, anyway, a new mission to liberate Earth shows up by the Terran First Fleet who came back with advanced technology from the pocket universe. As a consequence, there are a total of three missions existent in the game, from the fleet’s efforts in dealing with Thalan, liberating Arcea and, eventually, dismantling the Drengin Empire in the Sol system before they get successful in bringing down the Precursor shield of the Earth.

To get more specific, the base game of Galactic Civilizations III is a unique possibility for each player to never play the same story and the same game twice. Choices are made to be different each time, always offering tens of options for actions taken, strategies adopted, characters to fight for and objectives to achieve. Each sandbox will allow the player to shape a new future and a new history for each of the civilizations you’ll choose. At the same time, every campaign you’ll get to fight it is going to have its own ancient history and, during your game, the story will unveil new histories of alien civilizations, massive technology trees, factions with several different features and uniqueness in every world, campaign, planet and battle.

Galactic Civilizations III Mechanics

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Mechanics and graphics have proved to be much improved in comparison to Galactic Civilizations II, so Galactic Civilizations III is starting even from this beginning aspect with much more positive reviews, being a mix of new ideas and familiar mechanics. A sandbox experience will ensure a unique map and world for each game, as well as original and new quests all the time, allowing you to play versus up to 100 opponents (with a minimum of 16). There will also be added a massive research three for new and modern technology, several factions with their own specializations and multiple customizable ships, looks and options for how the artificial intelligence must use these.

You will get to choose your planetary governors and leaders using the strategy you decide, you will build your civilization according to how you’ll consider you want it to look and behave as galactic citizens and you will be able to train your campaigns as you wish – from fighters and spies to soldiers ready to invade the enemy at anytime. In this case, anyway, you’ll need to make your plans carefully in order to be successful with your attack while also keeping your own territory defended. Nonetheless, you will discover alien artifacts, face Dread Lords and galactic challenges at massive scales, always being pushed to come up with unexpected, unique and complex decisions for what will come next in the history you’re writing about of the civilization you’re leading.

Galactic Civilizations III Modes

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Campaign modes, multiplayer modes and random maps are a few of the options that the game will offer you in order to enjoy Galactic Civilizations III as much as possible, but there are endless versions and possibilities you can explore only by playing it yourself against the number of opponents and with the allies you’ll be choosing, again, all by yourself, in a galaxy here control will be yours.

Galactic Civilizations III Technical Issues

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The most popular issue reported about GCIII is the slow movement of the game in some certain places, so an often recommended improvement would be the timing tech development. Otherwise, it is a generally smooth and bug-less game according to the reviews it has got during the last period.

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Available on: PC

Game Platform: Steam

Publishment year: 2015

Gengre: Strategy