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Developed by AMPLITUDE Studios and published by SEGA, Endless Space is another turn-based game, a 4X game of strategy taking action in a place beautifully designed as an endless Universe, where the player gets to control everything in his civilization, resources and battle style, in order to dominate the galaxy.

Mostly appreciated about this game, by its players so far, were the satisfying graphics and interface, more than expected for 2012, offering a great feeling that you’re part of an epic world, and the motivating, engaging music that plays during every moment of your game.

Endless Space Story

Endless Space 03 

The story of the game is quite simple, yet very involving and engaging, motivating you during the entire challenge of taking control upon the Universe. It says that the first intelligent beings from the ancient galaxy ere represented by the civilization no called the Endless and from whom, at the present moment, the only thing left is a special substance found in sacred temples, called Dust. Dust is the key towards your victory as a player, as it is the source of incredible powers which were once given to admirals or to galactic governors. More exactly, the faction that will uncover the secrets of the Dust and take control upon it and its powers is the one to whom the Galaxy will belong.

 And so begins Endless Space, a continuous and endless exploration between the hundreds of star systems, planets and resources, which were carefully designed as pieces of art, a continuous challenge of mind ad strategy for trade and diplomacy, of finding artifacts and technologies and, of course, of assimilation or combat regarding other civilizations and enemies. Moreover, the game is, apart from a turn-based strategy experience, an endless, interesting and creative game of imagination and fantasy. With hundreds of options regarding the aspect, resources and actions of the game, the player will also get the possibility to control everything in the game, such as the length of a quick match or endless war, or the type and number of generated galaxies with infinite options regarding shape, density, color, size and age. Definitely a unique experience with an actual endless story!

Endless Space Mechanics

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Most appreciated, in terms of game mechanics, is the fact that the ay Endless Space ships and factions are organized allow the player to easily distinguish their own fleet from other factions, due to the ell-used colors. There are also several ship modules, which make the process of designing your ship quite complex and enjoyable. The game offers you time to focus mainly on combats and expansion in sci-fi settings with endless versions, corners to discover and options to choose from – which can make it both an infinite game of creation and a boring, endless universe to conquer, according to the proper perspective of the player.

Endless Space Modes

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As for game modes, Endless is the most representative word for the number of options offered by this game. First of all, you can choose from eight factions to fight with, each having its own special abilities. You will get to control the entire performance of your faction, also assimilating some other micro-factions in order to use their units in battles or their own capabilities for a faster victory and domination of the galaxy.

Furthermore, you can discover five different hero classes to fight for you as system governors or fleet admirals, choosing from their unique specializations and complex ability trees. Also, your options regarding the game refer not only to choosing the characters and style, but also the style of the game-play. For example, you will choose from trying a strategic battle or going for a long-term planning before taking action, adventuring into short matches or longer combats, making alliances or breaking them. And, nonetheless, you will be able to choose your own victory conditions, one or more, such as domination, diplomacy and economy.

Endless Space Technical Issues

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From the most bothering technical Issues of the game, e can count the one with the menu and game options. Unlike other similar games, Endless Space i’ll make you need to watch the entire tutorial in order to be prepared for its complexity. For example, in order to use certain functions, you will need either to remember their place on the obscure screen you have studied in the tutorial or, otherwise, to click on everything on the screen in order to find what you actually need.

 Similar problems are generated by other functions such as colonization or exploration, for which there are various not-so-comfortable solutions, yet the artificial intelligence of the game is surprisingly competent and advanced, which is a big plus and makes it players and developers optimistic about the success of Endless Space.

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Available on: PC

Game Platform: Steam

Publishment year: 2012

Gengre: Strategy, Sci-fi