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Endless Space 2 description

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Awarded multiple times in 2017 for Best 3D Visuals, Best PC Game Finalist and Golden Cube Finalist, with a Bronze medal in Top Sellers and Platinum in Top Early Access, with Ping awards for Best Soundtrack Finalist, Best Visual Finalist and Best PC Game Finalist, and a long list of other awards and distinctions, Endless Space 2 is one of the works of art from 2017, one of the best releases of the year and a unique gaming experience due to epic visuals and engaging audio.

A mesmerizing continuation of Endless Space, Endless Space 2 is a new and highly improved game of strategy, a turn-based “Strategic Space Opera”, and a great example of the “one more turn” game-play. In this new version, mystery is amplified by artistic graphics and epic movements in the galaxy, while the ne purpose of the game is building the most fantastic stellar empire.

Endless Space 2 Story

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 As a response to the quite harsh criticism for the initial Endless Space, the story and characters of Endless Space 2 return in a much more developed, detailed and improved version. Hile the main plot is still the same, the story unveiled is the legend of the first civilization of the Universe, of God-like characters called the “Endless”, ho disappeared and left behind the only proves of their existence: artifacts, mystical ruins, huge galaxies and a magical substance called “Dust” that contains the poer to dominate the Universe.

Yet, moreover, Endless Space 2  offers another dimension to the expression “one more turn”. The new story unleashes a far more enjoyable experience of exploring the star systems and their mysteries, of discovering ancient races and new life forms to conquer, court or understand, to develop new technologies, colonies and planets and to build the most powerful empire from the galaxy. Real-time space battles and detailed after action reports ill help you build the most interesting strategies for your combats and conquer the universe in the most unique and visually interactive ays.

Endless Space 2 Mechanics

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The game is structured in nine different empires, which is a huge expansion of the traditional civ-game. In Endless Space 2, playing with a different civilization is not choosing a slightly different set of abilities, but a completely new set of unique mechanics and games. As an example for one type of game mechanics, some empires use the technology of connecting new systems with the vines, while others don’t settle in systems at all, living in ships able to fly from one to another system. Therefore, the variety of game mechanics and the graphics which are very explicit and real pieces of concept-art, along with the excellent mechanic of the game, make Endless Space 2 an incomparably better version than its first apparition, Endless Space. Also, pressing “Space” is going to activate an “amplified reality” view, unveiling in-depth contextual information about your diplomatic stances, ship stats during combat, trade routes or other system aspects.

Endless Space 2 Modes

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With a huge variety of game modes and versions to play, every empire you get to play with will offer you another perspective upon Endless Space 2, and it will be like playing a completely different game for every civilization you’ll select.

There are several heroes to train for a fleet admiral position or to become a system governor or an influential senator, and there are nine empires to choose from, nine different civilizations with their own background and history, with unique quests and with their own secondary interesting story for Endless Space 2. Also, there are so many options and strategies to choose from when leading your empire, from so many different perspectives, that each offers the impression of a different game mode: diplomacy, trading, government types (socialist, republic, democratic), economic, politic and military interpretations.

Endless Space 2 Technical Issues

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The most of the technical issues and bothering aspects from Endless Space were fixed and improved in Endless Space 2. There is an intuitive search engine for an easy lookup through development bonuses from the various technologies and vast UI improvements over the initial Endless Space 2, such as the multiple categories that sort statistics for the convenience of the different interpretation.

And yes, the most bothering element, which was the stupid reactions of the civilizations, was also highly improved. Unlike in Endless Space, the empires from Endless Space 2 get to express their own will in political parties, dynamically reacting to your decisions and to their environment, and dictating the laws your Senate can pass. Therefore, you will be much more challenged in managing your populations and building the galaxy according to your own vision, having to choose between becoming a great leader or betraying and manipulating the population you reign for your own benefit.

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Available on: PC

Game Platform: Steam

Publishment year: 2017

Gengre: Strategy,  Sci-fi