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Dawn of Man is going to be released on 1st of March 2019 and is promising to be a wonderful game for those who love history and its stories, adventures and evolution. Madruga Works, the developer and publisher of the brand-new game, has created a new way for players to explore an experience of survival, of learning, of fighting and progressing as a community and, ultimately, as a humanity.

With more than decent minimum system requirements in order to be played, the game is highly accessible to most of the platforms you’ll be playing from (PC or Laptop) and its gameplay has been intensely polished by the designers and developers as well, for an amazing ultimate experience.

Dawn of Man Story

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The story of Dawn of Man is coming, according to its creators, as a spiritual successor of their previous Planetbase. In this case, anyway, the start of the action is set around 12.000 years ago, in a time that ended the glacial period and when, as a result, human population, races and evolution, started to grow. Offering a unique historical experience, the game will begin with controlling a small camp of hunters and will allow its players to learn, watch and experience all the similar challenges that our human ancestors have faced back with thousands of years.

 The game story is one of humanity, which is exactly that element that, with the help of detailed graphic movements and visually enhanced images, will create that particular special bond between players and the game. It is a story of evolution from the hunting and fighting state to gaining skills in crafting, in creating, developing, growing and, ultimately, to coming up with the best survival strategies, technologies, equipments and mind-awakenings that will cause the Dawn of Man.

Dawn of Man Mechanics

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Inspired from Planetbase, the mechanics of Dawn of Man will somehow still be a little different, as the developers ill code the game from scratch. Quite easy to control using the buttons with suggestive thumbnails and symbols, the game will be one of survival and city building. Starting in the Stone Age and driving you up to Iron Age, passing through over ten thousand years of prehistory in humanity, Dawn of Man will have you take controlling of a settlement of the first modern humans and lead, help and guide them through entire hundreds and ages of years of their struggling for survival, for expansion and for evolution in front of challenges thrown by the environment and, sometimes, by other humans as well. And while combat will not be the main focus of the game, fortifying your settlements and defending against village attacks will certainly be necessary as well in order to survive for entire ages.

Furthermore, regarding game mechanics, players will get to hunt animals in order to obtain food, clothes and tools to stay alive, confronting characters such as Megaloceros, Woolly Rhinos, Cave Lions, Mammoths and Ancient Bisons, as well as other ancient species covering the Earth millenniums ago. You’ll be able to collect varieties of resources from the environment, especially resources for food such as fruits, fish and water, which you will have to strategically pick up according to their existence and abundance in summer (more berries and fruits) or in spring (fish), but nonetheless you will be collecting materials for tools such as weapons, homes and shelters, including wood, stone or flint. You will explore and discover research technologies, build homes and facilities for people, expand the population, face conflicts, build megalithic structures by mining massive mines and building colossal structures of stone and wood and, of course, you’ll be unlocking farming technologies for a better control of nature by growing vegetables, domesticating animals and evolving from every perspective as much as possible.

Dawn of Man Modes

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Regarding game modes, obviously, the game will be about yourself as a player, commanding an entire humanity. Therefore, you’ll have choices to make in front of several situations, such as dealing with different animals – you’ll choose either to hunt them for materials and food, domesticate them for muscle power and protection, or defend against them.

Another interesting feature, anyway, will be the possibility to choose between overall planning of the village and settlement and the optional micromanagement of its details.

Dawn of Man Technical Issues

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Quite twice the size of Planetbase, Dawn of Man is a promising game and we are all eager to hear opinions on its technical performances, once it will be published and reviewed after 1st of March 2019.

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Available on: PC, laptop

Game Platform: Steam

Publishment year: 2019

Gengre: Strategy, Simulation