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FIFA 19 description

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Developed by EA Sports Studio, just as every previous part of the iconic sport series that has taken football video games to the next level and conquered the world, the ne apparition of the game started in 1993 with and constantly evolving and getting better, today, FIFA 19 is the most recent football simulator released by Electronic Arts Inc. during last year’s autumn, September 2018.

 Realistic teams and characters representing the most famous football players from all over the world, FIFA 19 ill once again introduce players into a virtual football game to prove their skills in controlling the ball and achieving victory in their favorite sport.

FIFA 19 Story

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Just like most of the simulation games published during the most recent years, story is not a focus point hen mechanics and graphics of the game are so engaging for each player. Yet, as the new game of an iconic title in the video game industry and especially in football simulation games, FIFA 19 will also bring a new Journey mode, which has been introduced by the developers ever since FIFA 17, offering an objective and a primary quest to the game.

However, it seems that FIFA 19 will be the last chapter of this story, while the plot will have Alex Hunter as the main character, who is offered a quest in order to achieve his victory in the football world. After various revelations and challenges that Hunter has gone through, in this final mission he will have to play for Real Madrid and to in the competition of UEFA Champions League.

FIFA 19 Mechanics

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As a famous and complex football simulator with techniques and mechanics developed ever since its first apparition, FIFA 19 is certainly coming with the best movements, precisions and options during the gameplay, surrounded by immersive colors and great audiovisual elements. Players will be able to prove their skill by playing tournaments and matches and controlling virtual characters of the most beloved and popular football players from all around the world and even official national teams, everything in a highly realistically represented virtual world.

A plus of the mechanics is the intuitive system that allows players to control everything in an even more improved manner, especially when it comes to the ball and kicks – a new shooting system has also been added, Timed Finishing, through which hits have much greater chances of getting into the neat after double pressing the shot button. In the free kicks, camera movement is improved, the marking movement of getting the ball is also better now and a new element will be the second player indicator, which will show who else is having the ball when it’s not in the control of the player’s character. Although complex, it is easy to understand which options to choose and what buttons to press in order to perform hundreds of tricks and special moves that players could have previously learned from the world’s iconic football matches on real stadiums.

FIFA 19 Modes

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FIFA 19 is offering the possibility to be played on all available platforms both in single player and in multiplayer modes. Regarding multiplayer modes, a wide range of game options will appear, including the Ultimate Team Mode, modes with special rules added such as each player having to leave the field after every goal scored, while single player modes will be equally fun by offering a career mode to lead an entire team or only one player, and even a mode that would further develop the chapter described in the story section, which is called “The road to fame”.

FIFA 19 Technical Issues

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Continuing to use Frostbite Engine and a technology called Real Players Motion, FIFA 19 will be more authentic than ever due to the realistic graphic design and high quality of details in both playground and characters’ looks.

     But regarding the technical issues you might encounter – because they do exist and occur sometimes – reviewers have reported some bugs that stuck players in the Ultimate Mode, that don’t allow skill points to be awarded or squad bugs that switch players at the beginning of the game.

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Available on: PC, Switch, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One

Game Platform: Official Website

Publishment year: 2018

Gengre: Football, Sports, Simulator