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UBOAT description


UBOAT is an upcoming game based on the simulation of a submarine from the World War II era. Amazing visuals, modern mechanics and exceptional graphics will enhance the experience of the players regarding what they see, as the designers and developers from Deep Water Studio have definitely been highly dedicated in constructing and designing every element of the game – which is remarkable ever since watching the trailer and first screenshots of UBOAT, here vibrant colors and dynamic images already captivate your attention.

Funded on Kickstarter and expected to be released during the first quarter of 2019 by PlayWay S. A., the game is actually a survival sandbox that has well developed mechanics of crew management, while lives of German soldiers represent the primary theme of UBOAT, soldiers whose home, a boat, can turn at any time into their morbid grave.



A game of survival and strategy taking action on a submarine during World War II, UBOAT is unexpectedly focused on the emotions and personalities of the crew. It is a story of the weaknesses, skills and problems, of trauma and mental health of the German soldiers during WWII. There is a constant fear on their home submarine, that it will transform into a cruel grave due to reasons such as un-confronted weaknesses or enemy victory, unless you will be the great captain your crew will need in order to maintain balance and remain mentally and physically prepared for new confrontations with opponents, with the sea or even with their own memories, addictions or weaknesses.

The game uniqueness of the plot in UBOAT, probably inspired from This War of Mine, Das Boot and Silent Hunter, is given by the fact that each sailor comes with his own story, with a unique personality and original habits and abilities. Moreover, it is a story of key-missions given by Kriegsmarine Headquarters that will take you forward through the historical events and stages that took place during World War II, as well as through the physical, mental and emotional lives of the grey wolves when improving equipments, discovering and fighting new, stronger opponents and regions and, finally, achieving the ultimate glory.

UBOAT Mechanics


The game mechanics of UBOAT are going to add up to the complexity of the game story in the same human and emotion focused manner. More exactly, a major focus of your gameplay will be represented by being a good captain, helping each German soldier keep going by making sure their needs are fulfilled. Your crew will be more humanly than ever, as they will talk, eat, enjoy certain moments and get depressed in others, fighting when deciding whose wife or girlfriend is prettier and making a queue to the only existent toilet on the board. Your crew will get hungry, exhausted, and if they don’t get their mood and spirit higher and their primary physical needs cared for, you will have no chance when standing in front of the enemies. Therefore, you being a harsh captain will not be a solution. You will need to find a balance between getting disciplined and dealing with traumas, as your soldiers will constantly be vulnerable and in need of motivation and care – otherwise, their own weaknesses will transform into new enemies, turning your people into alcoholics, cowards or spies, as each sailor will hide a secret feature that will unveil as destructive in case of too major trauma.

Unfortunately, challenges will extend past these inside problems, so you, as the captain of the submarine crew, will also need to manage the aspects of every combat, making sure you accomplish every mission and keep finding better equipment in order to resist combats in new regions and be able to continue your travel through the stages of World War II. As you will improve, your enemies will get better too, breaking the Enigma code or equipping radars on their ships, so UBOAT is promising to be a highly demanding game from every perspective – which makes expectations about mechanics to be high and complex.



Probably with a single mode, the game is yet to come and surprise us with what types of gameplay it will offer, so keep in touch for new updates!

UBOAT Technical Issues


According to the fact that the game is expected to get published in Q1 of 2019, it is still early to say anything about technical issues – but be sure the game will be offering a unique experience regarding visuals and feelings, so our expectations in technical terms are also high.

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Avalibe on: PC

Game Platform: Steam

Publishment year: 2019

Gengre: Strategy, Simulation