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Junkyard Simulator description

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Mysterious regarding its release date when it will get published by Play Way S. A., Junkyard Simulator is a simulation game developed by Rebelia Games in which you will play as the owner of a scrap yard. You’ll be trying to create the largest junkyard ever seen in your area with your own hands, and this objective will be guiding you through every decision you’ll take.

 Therefore, the way you’ll achieve your goal as the ambitious scrap yard owner that your character will represent in Junkyard Simulator, will depend on each of your choices, as you will get to decide whether you’ll collect and search manually for the best scrap, or if you will find another way to get the job done.

Junkyard Simulator Story

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The story of Junkyard Simulator is not such a well-developed story, as it simply presents the actions that you, the player, as the owner of a junk yard, will decide to proceed. But it will be an interesting experience and help you gain a different perspective upon how you might not get bored in a yard of junk. It is a game of development and strategy, simulating in a quite authentic mode a real junk yard.

 The goal in the Junkyard Simulator story will be to build and expand a giant junkyard which will aim to be the biggest from all the surrounding areas. In order to achieve this objective, the owner of the junkyard will get to take many decisions regarding the style of their actions, will get to explore the items of the junkyard and the opportunities offered by further selling or renewing them in order to obtain profit. An interesting perspective upon how imagination can help at building an entire junk world, sometimes funny when buying and opening empty boxes and sometimes demanding when the junkyard owner will start taking commands from clients and get several quests or ideas, Junkyard Simulator is a relaxing way to get virtually rich by relaxing in a junk world, exploring its potential and getting as creative as possible.

Junkyard Simulator Mechanics

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The game mechanics of Junkyard Simulator are highly organized, featuring a series of actions and decisions you can take as the owner of the junk yard. You will have the possibility to use machines and scrap cars with spacious crates to let you carry multiple objects at the same time, in order to process and sell junks in different forms and purposes. This fact will allow you to gain great earnings in a short while. The cart mode will allow you to explore the world of the junk yard, to search for materials and metals and to find nooks and crannies as well, all these having great potential of being sold and generating money for you to continue your activity. You will also have a workshop where you’ll get to refurbish and renew items found in your junk yard, from cars and furniture to electronics, home appliances and many others.

Another interesting element of the game mechanics will be the quest system, which will allow you to take orders from clients and therefore better explore your junk yard world. Nonetheless, you will have the option to buy and open containers with content that you will discover and consider useful for your business or, with bad luck, that will be empty and money wasting. Anyway, Junkyard Simulator is expected to be a simulation game quite more relaxing than other games of this genre, allowing you to drink beer during your activity and to choose everything about what and how you do.

Junkyard Simulator Modes

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As already mentioned above, Junkyard Simulator will grant you the freedom of deciding what to do and which routes to explore in order to get rich with your junk yard. If you will prefer manually searching for items and exploring the world of junk, you will get to do it. Otherwise, you’ll always have the option of using machines to help you, in the cart mode.

If you like re-using items and getting creative with improving existing objects, you’ll have the option to rebuild old cars and restore them in order to make money, while if you are more into the destructive gameplay, you’ll only need to buy a crusher and destroy anything in front of your eyes in the junkyard you’ll own. Your activity will be totally up to you.

Junkyard Simulator Technical Issues

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Technical issues – if there will exist any – will be reported after the game will be published and reviewed by users. The publishers stated that it’s coming soon, so be ready to test it yourself anytime!

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Available on: PC

Game Platform: Steam

Publishment year: Coming Soon

Gengre: Simulation