Eisenbahn.exe Professional 15 - EEP 15 01

Eisenbahn.exe Professional 15 – EEP 15

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Eisenbahn.exe Professional 15 – EEP 15 01 description

Eisenbahn.exe Professional 15 - EEP 15 02

Extremely recently published and definitely an innovation in the world of games and simulation, Eisenbahn.exe Professional 15 or, shortly, EEP 15, is a professional software that allows players to design and operate 3D railway layouts. A leading software developed and published by Trend Redaktions – und Verlagsgesellschaft mbH, EEP 15 is Germany’s bestselling simulation of railway models, one that will allow you to create highly authentic and very complex railway words on your PC and even on your Notebook.

Eisenbahn.exe Professional 15 Story

Eisenbahn.exe Professional 15 - EEP 15 03

Initiated more than 20 years ago, when, back in the 1998s, two students invented the complete model railway for PC, the software has been developed for over 900.000 hours to become what it is today: an excellently constructed, operated and designed software with the most accurate simulations about everything related to railways. This year, in 2019, EEP 15 is unveiled to the international market, with a multitude of languages (German, English and French), with highly detailed and complete features.

Such a performance, of becoming the most versatile simulator of railways on the market, of achieving several media awards and of becoming Germany’s top railway simulation for PC with the most advanced rail features, editing options, operational controls and model details, is owed to the work of professionals with over 20 years of competence and experience in railway. More exactly, for the projection, development, improvement and publishing of the game, a productive cooperation between designers, developers, and railway enthusiasts has been established in order to gather the best ideas and techniques and to obtain the most satisfying possible result.

Eisenbahn.exe Professional 15 Mechanics

Eisenbahn.exe Professional 15 - EEP 15 04

Much more than a game, EEP 15 is a 3D application for railroad modeling. With a smooth UI, it is quite easy and accessible to project the models you choose once you get comfortable with the entire workspace. Hundreds of versions, models and options to choose from, along with visual quality and authenticity, are what define EEP 15. Also, using the software is facilitated by the presence of a control panel for diagram track, with a wide range of functions to choose from.

 The EEP 15 software will allow you to control everything in the multi-layered world you’ll build, from custom timetables and automated routes to massive varieties of models, dynamic weather and day/night cycles. You’ll get to design entire traffic networks, starting from rails and roads to tram, air and water environments, including the operation and control of the flora and fauna, of buildings, landscapes, structures and figurines, with our without animation according to your own taste.

Eisenbahn.exe Professional 15 Modes

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Launched as a railway development software and not as a simple game to play, EEP 15 is a challenge of mind and imagination, especially for rail lovers. Therefore, although there are no other “game modes” to go through apart from automatic mode and manual mode which are switchable in all vehicle contacts, there are actually a lot of models and functions, designs and layouts to choose from.

Over 100 models for certain functions, several layout shapes (S, L, O or U), multiple resources split into sets for old and new models, a huge variety of 3D models for vegetation, buildings, roads and rolling stocks, and ready-made scenarios and layouts for a quicker and easier start, all these elements and their overwhelming variety are the features that make the EEP 15 simulation software extremely visually realistic and highly appreciated on global plan.

Eisenbahn.exe Professional 15 Technical Issues

Eisenbahn.exe Professional 15 - EEP 15 06

As it is a brand new software on the international market, there were no technical issues reported yet, nor major complaints about any technical or other similar issues, apart from some very few graphical glitches and other few bugs with layer switching or track, which were anyway solved quickly with workarounds.

 Furthermore, containing thousands of hours of work and the valuable experience of so many professionals coming from one of the world’s best performing countries regarding transports, economy and railways, we are very positive when looking towards the technical aspects, the graphics, mechanics and every other detail of the fresh leading software!

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Available on: PC, Notebook

Game Platform: Steam

Publishment year: 2019

Gengre:  Simulation