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Cooking Simulator description

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Cooking Simulator is an upcoming game developed by Big Chinese Studio and expected to be released by PlayWay S. A. sometimes soon during the year of 2019. It is a food game that will attract most of the young aged audience through a simple, yet attractive game mechanic and an interesting variety of visual elements ready to improve imagination and engage the player in a simulation game.

Captivating gourmand players in the world of a big restaurant, Cooking Simulator will offer the experience of cooking in a realistic and highly polished kitchen, having every element needed in order to create that authentic environment for perfect cooking. Players will have ovens, pans, pots, gas stands and bowls available, as well as hundreds of different elements from all classes in order to prepare the most delicious dishes from vegetables, fish, fruits, steak and high class ingredients, just as their own creativity will guide them through coming up with unique recipes.

Cooking Simulator Story

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Like most of the simulation games recently released, Cooking Simulator is also not a story-based game, but more of a game of simulation and of player creativity. While the major pluses of the game don’t stand in the story, which is a quite simple scenario into which the player is introduced when starting to play, there are actually massive amazing features in the mechanics category of Cooking Simulator, which we are just about to discuss in the next few seconds.

The scenario of Cooking Simulator, anyway, is about the player owning a huge kitchen with everything necessary in order to cook any type of dish, with options to choose from 60 pre-defined dishes or the possibility to cook anything else using the available ingredients, certainly numerous and various, from vegetables and fruits to different sorts of meat or spices. The player will be the one to control whether Cooking Simulator will hold a story about cooking the best dishes or about setting a kitchen on fire in the most creative modes, or maybe even making an art out of doing nothing and wasting time, throwing knives to the all just like in a darts game and destroying the kitchen even in the most boring moments of the day.

Cooking Simulator Mechanics

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Ultra realistic graphics are going to enhance game mechanics in Cooking Simulator, where the player will be placed in the middle of a fully-equipped kitchen with every imaginable element possibly needed in order to cook or spend time in the kitchen. You’ll have endless opportunities and possibilities in the kitchen, from boiling or blending ingredients to baking or frying them, there will be unlimited features in Cooking Simulator if you aim to experience with your resources. An interesting mechanic will be that of cutting vegetables or meat, which has been improved due to players’ latest reviews in Early Access, allowing a precise and refined cut of the ingredients according to the shape and style you wish to adapt. Probably the most engaging mechanics will be the ranking system, as once you deliver dishes and unlock new recipes, as you discover refined food and improve your cooking from taste to aspect, you will get to share all your achievements on social media, growing your fame and getting reviews on your way to becoming the best cook.

 Yet, probably more interesting for those who like to explore every corner of the game, will be its full physics engine, which will allow you to explore your kitchen with real-life physics. You’ll be able to choose to do anything with the eggs, for example, as their physics is highly complex according to what you’ll decide to do and how an egg’s different components will react to any action. Choosing not to cook anything but to throw knives and forks in an improvised darts game on the wall, setting fire in the kitchen and then extinguishing it or building a tower using your variety of pots, bowls and trays, everything will be illustrated according to your will in Cooking Simulator with excellent physics aspects considered.

Cooking Simulator Modes

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Playing Cooking Simulator will be a simple way of relaxing and, therefore, an easy to use platform of simulation, with an intuitive interface but no specific game modes, where you’ll get to spend time and explore the kitchen with complete freedom.

Cooking Simulator Technical Issues

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Issues are still being experienced and improved and the final reports on the game’s technical performance will be obtained, obviously, after it will be launched during the year of 2019.

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Avalibe on: PC

Game Platform: Steam

Publishment year: Coming Soon

Gengre: Simulation