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Outward description

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The action in Outward is set on the lands of Aurai and will take its players through unforgettable adventure with or without friends along. Announced to be launched on 26th of March 2019 and closely improved and developed by Nine Dots Studio, Outward will be a memorable RPG game that will engage every player into a vast virtual world.

 Outward is about putting effort into achieving a remarkable journey in a place where one single wound can infect and the cold of the night can reach such a terror, that danger is at maximum cotes at every point of the game. It will definitely be an addicting game for lovers of adventure and survival.

Outward Story

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In Outward, the host lands of the action, as already revealed in the above game description, will be the fantasy lands of Aurai – a realm that holds monsters thirsty for blood and which is filled with magic and terror. The story will be offering adventures and emotions split into four different episodes. It will be differently seen and presented to the player by the four factions of the game which are controlling the world of Aurai, each offering a unique plot, a particular story and its own path for the development of the characters.

 One of the factions, for example, will be Holy Mission of Elatt, a faction mostly focused on religion and rituals, on mystical powers and spells, while Soroboreans is a faction of men with great negotiation and trading skills, as well as men with knowledge of science. The Heroic Kingdom of Levant, a faction promising low taxes and overall justice, is the third faction of the game and a vital component of Aurai’s society and community, while the biggest and most productive faction – which will also be probably players’ favorite – is entitled Blue Chamber Collective and is containing small clans interconnected on the base of their blood, by their bond with their families. Furthermore, Outward will be a game of cooperation in one of these four particular factions, an RPG experience with highly rewarding challenges and engaging adventures, of survival in critic environmental conditions and in front of terrifying creatures, here the players ill constantly need to take the decision of hiding, fighting or defending, of protecting against hunger and diseases and of accepting various missions in order to find out the stories, dungeons and particularities of each faction of the game during an intense gameplay and a unique playthrough.

Outward Mechanics

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Outward is offering a greatly interesting and realistic experience, recreating a really authentic journey that strongly engages the player’s focus into his missions and gameplay. Although the player will be free to explore every place, safety will never be guaranteed and the season-changing of the environment will be creating a dynamic experience of adventure. Lots of quests from Non Playing Characters will surround the player and each failed mission will have a decisive impact upon the world, as the engine of Outward is automatically saving every stage of the game, not allowing the player to manually load the game backwards and change choices. Therefore, although a failure in a combat will not kill the main character, he might get up stunned or enslaved, with no equipment left, not able to replay the adventures failed – which makes the game quite a challenge.

Moreover, the hero of the game will need to find food and water in order to survive in a dynamic and wild environment, although dying will not mean the end of the game, as there was an interesting option introduced – the possibility to pass the valuable equipment and gained skills to a successor in order to continue the adventure. Nonetheless, there will be an action-based combat system and in order to win, there will be required a lot of planning, effort and skill in using the best type of weapon with unique attack type or ensuring that the character will have enough time to make the specific rituals and gather the necessary ingredients before, if deciding to fight by using powerful spells.

Outward Modes

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There will be several options to play the game, amongst which we can count the solo and multiplayer modes, accompanied by some really rear options for such games: split screen online or locally.

Outward Technical Issues

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We are waiting to see what technical performances Outward will bring up once it gets published this spring.

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Available on: PC

Game Platform: Steam

Publishment year: 2019

Gengre: RPG, Survival