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My Time at Portia is a game about restoring a workshop business to its initial glory, about enchanting the Portia town, about raising animals, growing crops and fulfilling commissions, and about ruling and managing a town in an organized way in the conditions of a post-apocalyptical context.

     The game was developed by Pathe Games and recently published by Team17 Digital Ltd, on the 15th of January 2019 and it has already won some prizes and awards, amongst which Indie Prize China: Best Kids & Family Game and indiePlay: China Indie Game Awards – Best Games Grand Prize.

My Time at Portia Story

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     The story of Portia is about restoring the glory in a town after a mysterious apocalypse has ruined it. It is about using Pa’s workbench and handbook in order craft tools, unveil secrets of the ton, mine, raise animals, cultivate crops and all sorts of similar activities, that will determine people to fulfill your commissions and help you regain the charm of the town and the title of the best workshop in Portia for your Pa’s place. My Time at Portia’s story is about rebuilding a village by paying attention to several aspects, which will make it more challenging.

     Varied and interesting, the story has been updated ever since the game was released, constantly adding new chapters to the plotline and further engaging the players into an interesting gameplay mixing a post-apocalyptic harvest month with the secrets of a rune factory, while some excellent mechanics, beautiful habits, bright colors and engaging music are going to offer a large world to explore and an interesting experience for all ages.

My Time at Portia Mechanics

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     Furthermore, in My Time at Portia, players will get several activities to do, from re-building Pa’s workshop and restoring it to the glory of the number one place in Portia, to gathering the necessary resources in order to conquer the local community and get daily requests and commissions from the village habitants. You will need to manage every aspect of your farm, including the attention offered to your animals, even horses or spectacular llamas and to growing your crops, having available a semi-automatic system for irrigation.

     My time at Portia will allow you to get creative and build a home out of a building, as everything will be modifiable and customizable and will allow you to change colors, shapes, designs and architecture in order to come up with the most unique upgrades for furniture and decorations and to manage not only to make a greatly looking location, but also to make your character happier about a new and more welcoming home. Portia town will also have a dynamic community where you’ll be able to engage to meetings and even explore romance, to get a job, to go to the restaurants, shops and cinemas and so on, while another interesting feature will be the opportunity to explore the world and to engage in fights, searching for rare resources and antic ruins of treasures from the past which will be yours once you defeat dangerous and powerful loots. These experiences of adventure will also help you skill up with more abilities and better equipment. Nonetheless, several various mini-games including culinary challenges, fishing activities or in-game festivals are going to enhance your “time at Portia” and make a unique experience out of the Indie game.

My Time at Portia Modes

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     My Time at Portia is offered in a single player mode, so that players of all ages will enjoy a world they will create by themselves, according to their own preferences, and being the only ones ruling upon the workshop and village they are constantly enhancing and upgrading, expanding and developing.

My Time at Portia Technical Issues

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     Nonetheless, apart from some locked main quests that might become annoying by not allowing you to progress with the story of the game, nothing major regarding technical issues or bugs has been reported, which is a great proof of the developers’ dedication in updating and fixing the game regularly for a smooth experience of every player.

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Avalibe on: PC

Publishment year: 2019

Gengre: RPG, Adventure, Simulation