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Monster Hunter: World description

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Monster Hunter: World is a new fantasy role playing game which will take you, as the title already says, in an adventure of hunting. Developed and published by Capcom Co., Ltd., the game is a recent apparition for the series of Monster Hunter and is coming with several new exciting elements.

 Welcoming you into a world newly designed with better graphics, Monster Hunter: World is going to offer you everything in order to create the best weapons and go on some memorable hunting missions, in a region full of surprises and unique monsters to take down.

Monster Hunter: World Story

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In Monster Hunter, the story will take you into the Universe of the game through a character who owns the title of Monster Hunter and who has to explore The New World now, a newly discovered continent – which is also the new location of the most recent installment in the Monster Hunter franchise. Not with a very complex story, yet with a highly engaging mechanics that will immerse you in the most spectacular battles, the plot is going to put you through contracts and missions that will make you hunt the most powerful and dangerous monsters from the area and to discover some dark secrets.

 To further develop the story that is leading you to become the explorer and monster hunter in the setting of New World, you will find out that your mission will be to investigate a mysterious phenomenon that causes some ancient and elder dragons to cross the sea and travel to an unknown and unexplored land – the New World, once every decade. Called Elder Crossing, this migration has determined your Guild to assign a few talented hunters to form a Research Commission and, traveling in some large and threatening fleets, to go into the New World and find out the secrets standing behind this event. Zorah Magdaros, the one skilled hunter who is part of the Fifth Fleet of the Commission and sent to find out more about the colossal elder dragon, is going to start his journey of discoveries, finding out more important legends and greater things than he could ever expect or imagine, and going to hunt some of the most dangerous and unimaginable creatures.

Monster Hunter: World Mechanics

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An open world with great mechanics causing some really dynamic open-night cycles and weather conditions to occur for a more authentic experience, the New World from Monster Hunt will be easy travelled and explored in this installment by walking or by taming some flying creatures and mounting their backs. Your character will be able to climb on environment structures, to find objects and craft more powerful weapons, yet the main focus of the mechanics will not be your exploration of a new region, but the hunting of some mysterious dragons and their defeat.

 As a game of adventure and fighting, the most important element will be, of course, your strategy for combats and the tactics you will use in order to take down your enemies. The more you understand your skills and the process that trains you to certainly win a battle, the quicker you will succeed in your missions, evolve and progress along with the game. Given that each dragon, monster, unexpected creature or other opponent, is going to have some certain sets of weaknesses and strengths, you will have to thoroughly study them before attacking, to know exactly how to exploit their disadvantages and how to defend from the battle schemes they are best at. In order to observe this behavior and to be well trained for their abilities, you will be able to study the topography of the vegetation and animals from their habitat, your next battlefield. An interesting element will be a dynamic environment, almost like the ecosystem will be alive, which will allow you not only to use creative weapons from the environment, but also to defeat or hide from the target without leaving a safe place such as high grass or the back of some trees. Furthermore, the fights will be engaging, as they are real-time battles, and you will be able to use every gadget, weapon, skill and armor in order to win. With each victory, you might enrich your goods by looting the resources from the fallen monsters, who, in generally, will represent inspired sources for best equipment upgrades.

Monster Hunter: World Modes

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While Monster Hunter: World as developed one single player mode, the game has slowly added a new cooperation mode when, during the most difficult conflicts, players will have the possibility to summon up to three companions to back him up and change the course of the loss into a rewarding victory.

Monster Hunter: World Technical Issues

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With 3D graphics and high-quality colors and textures defining the details of the New World, Monster Hunt: World is the best looking game of the series and also the best performing one, only offering some very few bugs on certain platforms, which are usually fixed quite quickly and allowing the player to return into a smooth and engaging gameplay.

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Available on: PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4

Game Platform: Steam

Publishment year: 2018

Gengre: Action, Fantasy, RPG