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Kingdom Hearts III description

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Developed by Square Enix Co., Ltd exclusively for Xbox One and PlayStation 4, Kingdom Hearts III is a new publication in the RPG series by Square Enix, bringing a new reunion of the most beloved characters from all the times, old and new, from cartoons, animes and movies by both Disney and Pixar, into a new story and adventure that altogether make a masterpiece of the moment. With best character designs, most authentic and creative environments and unique adventures, Kingdom Hearts III is excellently recreating the Universe of Disney and Pixar into a huge realm to explore with every secret and corner of a colored and detailed virtual world.

With a story started on PlayStation 2 by the first game of the set, Kingdom Hearts III is actually the final publication of this series. Mostly specific for this series is the unique remix between the most popular TV dramas from Disney and the mythology of its Universe, combined with elements from the Final Fantasy series into an immersive game containing every possible beloved character from the last decades of Disney and Pixar productions.

Kingdom Hearts III Story

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The story that Kingdom Hearts III is telling is a story of the friendship power. Featuring Sora and his friends engaging into a challenging, dangerous and definitely interesting adventure, with a complex setting somewhere in a vast realm where the world of Pixar meets the Universe of Disney, Kingdom Hearts III will take players into a unique journey of Sora and his friends, with the most spectacular visuals and a huge power to unveil. Moreover during the storyline, characters such as Goofy or Donald Duck are going to join Sora and all will struggle to fight and defeat the evil force of the Heartless from immersing the entire Universe in dark and taking control upon it. With a powerful friendship as their main guide and strength, Goofy, Donald and Sora will unite the most popular characters of Disney and Pixar worlds of all ages, into a great and all-skilled team capable of overcoming the unexpected challenges of their travel and of finally taking down the unnatural force that stands to destroy their worlds.

 Apart from the story of the game, Kingdom Hearts III will actually be a direct sequel for the previous Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance, the game released during 2012. Connecting almost all the other different storylines of the most recent publications from the Kingdom Hearts series, Kingdom Hearts III is considered by its writers, designers and developers to be the most complex act of the series, complete from every point of view – which made them call it a Xehanort Saga. Other main characters of the story are going to be Riku and Kairi, while Mickey, Elsa, Olaf and so many other beloved characters are also going to join them on a visually mesmerizing journey. Players will be the witnesses of a final war between powers of dark and light in the universe of Kingdom Hearts series, with the enemy represented by Xehanort, the resurrected master leading Organization XIII, aiming to recreate a legendary blade in order to use it in unworthily becoming the master of Kingdom Hearts.

Kingdom Hearts III Mechanics

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As for the mechanics of the game, not very much has changed in comparison to the battle systems of its most recent predecessors. Kingdom Hearts III will allow players to use special abilities, skills, strategies and magic in order to fight enemies, dodge attacks and jump from place to place, while being supported by the two allies given a unique set of skills with the main character’s, for amplified force and spectacle in combats against the opponents.

Kingdom Hearts III Modes

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Developed for PlayStation 4 and for Xbox One, Kingdom Hearts III is coming to be played only in a single-player mode, probably for a better focus of the player upon the story, challenges and the entire Universe of Disney and Pixar.

Kingdom Hearts III Technical Issues

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As for the technical aspects of the game, DirectX 11 libraries have been used for the most colorful graphics, and an Unreal Engine has brought the new and last episode of the series amongst the new generation of technology.

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Available on: PlayStation 4, Xbox One

Game Platform: Official Website

Publishment year: 2019

Gengre: Action RPG, Cartoons, Fantasy