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Kingdom Come Deliverance description

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An open-world role playing game, Kingdom Come: Deliverance will immerse its players into an epic experience full of adventure and challenges, set in the Holy Roman Empire.

A game about revenge for parents’ death and about battling forces that invade your world, Kingdom Come: Deliverance will be a game of choices able to influence the story, a game of skills and adventures and a full experience with quests and missions to complete.

Kingdom Come Deliverance: Story

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Set in Bohemia, a region with various castles and rich in resources such a silver, with a vast culture and beautiful landscapes, a place from the heart of Europe, the story of Kingdom Come: Deliverance will present the death of its emperor, Charles IV, immersing the kingdom into darkness, corruption, war and discord, tearing the entire land apart. With a naive, self-sufficient and weak son inheriting the crown, Wenceslas, and with a maleficent half-brother, Sigismund the Red Fox, King of Hungary, sensing the weakness in the young inheritor, the throne will remain with no king when the new monarch will be kidnapped by his half-brother and Bohemia will have no more protection for its riches and beauties.

 In this apocalyptic scenario, Henry, a blacksmith’s son, has his peace disturbed by a mercenary raid ordered by evil Sigismund, that burns Henry’s village to the ground, killing whole families and letting only a few survivors behind- amongst which the hero of the game as well. Becoming the main character of the storyline and also the one controlled by the player, Henry, with his family dead, his home destroyed and his future unsure, ends up being part of the resistance against the invaders, created by Lord Radzig Kobyla. And so the story of the game will become Henry’s change of fate that will determine him to become part of a bloody conflict, facing several challenges of a civil war, of an aim to battle for saving the future of Bohemia and of a silent wish for revenge.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance Mechanics

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An important aspect of the game mechanics is represented by the system of Kingdom Come: Deliverance, of introducing players into the world by gradually showing them the basics of the game, not by invading from the beginning with tens of explaining screens for the mechanics. Furthermore, starting as a simple citizen unable to read, create items or fight, with no ambition to gain respect, the game will become a journey of learning about the game story, of gaining new experiences, of re-discovering self-esteem and honor and of becoming responsible for every choice – good or bad decision – as each of them will influence the scenario in a positive or negative irreversible way.
 With incredibly authentic castles, weapons, historical looks of medieval Bohemia and vast forests and fields due to a great quality of graphics for vegetation and environment, the massive realistic world will be offering great combat challenges for players avid for adventure: melee, stealth and distance will influence loss or win, while dozens of weapons and unique combos will be offering epic battle scenes. Interesting and various tasks from the main storyline, as well as engaging side missions enough complex and interactive for the player, such as having the protagonist to need improving, achieving skills and abilities or gaining people’s trust and love instead of being an almighty super hero, Kingdom Come Deliverance will offer multiple ways to complete quests and task, either by theft, violence, rhetoric or even seducing, with a different ending and consequence every time for a dynamic experience and a non-linear story. Nonetheless, players will be beautifully introduced in the game world with realistic reactions of society to dress style, fame and behavior, allowing the main character to evolve gradually on every social, physical, mental and emotional plan.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance Modes

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Kingdom Come: Deliverance is coming in a single player mode, as a long journey of evolution, of battling, revenge and honoring victory on multiple plans.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance Technical Issues

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Among the issues reported, Kingdom Come: Deliverance has been reported to have a few really annoying technical problems such as not being able to equip any clothing due to different bugs, non-playing characters wearing clothes and pajamas even during daytime and outside their body, significant lower fps in town areas, wonky movements, clunky horse riding, unstable performance, desktop crash in main quest areas and several others. Parts of them have been solved and others haven’t – yet the game has ultimately offered a quite unique and enjoyable experience to most of the reviewers.

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Available on: Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC

Game Platform: Steam

Publishment year: 2018

Gengre: RPG, Action, Adventure