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Gothic 3 description

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Published by THQ Nordic on the 13th of October 2006, more than a decade ago, Gothic 3 is a role playing game of action developed by Piranha Bytes, taking you into a gothic-styled world of fantasy.

 Taking you to Myrtana, a world invaded by orcs from the Northern region, which King Rhobar is putting efforts into defending, sending his remaining troop of followers to defend Vengrad, humans’ stronghold. In a world of chaos with a combat system packed in a dynamic form and with hundreds of types of attacks to choose from, several characters, weapons and plot options to choose from, Gothic 3 will be offering you the ultimate experience of a unique Action game based on role playing and gothic fantasies.

Gothic 3 Story

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You start the game liberating a small village in Ardea, along with some characters from the previous game series, such as Gorn and Milten. It seems like the Myrtana kingdom is now conquered by orcs and Xardas is now a powerful dark mage leading them to destruction of the human kind.

 Your main quest is to discover the secrets of Xardas location, and there will be several ways available for you to fulfill this objective. The game system is focusing on gaining reputation to have access in some new locations and progress in the game. But who will choose you to make reputation with – Rebels, Orcs or Hashishins? Let’s discuss more about that in the game mechanics section!

Gothic 3 Mechanics

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 The most complex element of the mechanics in Gothic 3 is represented by the variety of factions. Rebels want to restore back the world order so that Myrtana will be a place only for humans once again. Joining this faction, you will have to go from one city to another and talk to other rebels. Some of them are slaves and not being treated well by Orcs. You will have to gain reputation with the city controlled by Orcs doing some quests and making the Orc Chief trust you. In the same time, you’ll go back to the Rebels’ hideout and plan a revolution to set the city free again. So, you will be acting like some kind of double spy, in order to accomplish your goals. You will do that from one city to another, fighting in the arena, by the way, which is very cool, and will do everything to gain reputation. Yet, you have to be careful, as in every region there is a rebel hideout and some of them are infiltrated in the city and surrounding areas. Talk to them, hear all the stories about atrocities of the orcs, prepare to liberate the city and when you are ready, announce them to come and help you. After this, you will start and travel from one place to another, you will meet the North Xardas and here will begin the artifact collection. You will once again have to go and search for the sacred relics, killing bosses, monsters and everyone in your way. Making an alliance with the orcs is joining exactly the contrary faction. You will have to find and decimate rebels’ hideouts, protect orcs’ interests, and gain their trust in order to make them lead you to the Xardas tower, where you will start again your search for the Adanos artifacts. Hashishins are another faction of characters living in the dusty Kingdom of Varant. You will have to do some quests for them, similar to the ones from the Rebels faction. They will have some conflicts with the nomads and you will act the same, like a double spy, playing on both sides. But finally, you will liberate the Bakaresh city for the nomads. So gain more reputation to enter the city of Ishtar, here the leader will give you the quest to search for Adanos artifacts and, of course, he will tell you more about Xardas.

 In conclusion, every faction wants the artifacts, yet there are 3 different endings of the game because each faction will have different approaches upon how to use the artifacts. Gothic 3 is a complex RPG. Graphics are astounding wherever you go, from to forestry Myrtana, desert zones to Varant or the icy Northmar. The combat system is not like in regular games, rushing into the enemies and killing them. If you do that in Gothic 3, they will knock you back out in five seconds. You will have to play smart, dodge run and do a deadly hit, using talent points, magic, crafts from professions and many others.

Gothic 3 Modes

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The main and only mode offered by Gothic 3 to enjoy the unique landscapes and more than decent technologies and graphics for the times of 2006 when it was published, is a single player mode.

Gothic 3 Technical Issues

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Among the problems and technical issues that players have encountered during their experiences with Gothic 3, there are some worthy to mention game aspects, some of them regarding even the plot of the game. For example, some animations and sequences are in contradiction with previous stories from the Gothic series. As for the technical performance, Gothic 3 seems to have lots of bugs during combats, unresponsive animations and sometimes way too easy quests even in the most difficult parts of the gameplay.

     Dropping fps and constant crashing have also been reported by some players, while others were still playing it in 2018, partially due to being fans of the series and also due to a smooth gameplay with no bugs on other types of computers.

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Available on: PC

Game Platform: Steam

Publishment year: 2006

Gengre: RPG, Action