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Final Fantasy XV Episode Ardyn

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Final Fantasy XV Episode Ardyn description

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Although initially announced that Final Fantasy XV would have four new character focused expansions, in order to get four different perspectives upon the story and alternative endings, three of those episodes – featuring Lunafreya, Noctis and Aranea characters, have been recently cancelled, with a confirmation coming from Square Enix and from director Hajime Tabata’s leaving of the company.

As a result, Final Fantasy XV: Episode Ardyn has been announced to remain the only side story that will still be released in March 2019, and it is going to provide a new experience to its players, letting them step into Final Fantasy XV as its main antagonist, during a chapter of the story set before the events from the main Final Fantasy XV. According to Square Enix, they are also aiming to release a prologue accompanying Final Fantasy XV: Episode Ardyn, for a better understanding and an enhanced experience during the gameplay.

Final Fantasy XV: Episode Ardyn Story

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Until recently, Final Fantasy XV: Episode Ardyn as expected to be one of the four expansions of Final Fantasy XV which as been played for a while no, but with director Tabata’s resign and with the announcement of the other three episodes being cancelled, Episode Ardyn will not be only a simple element for rounding up and clarifying the final story of Final Fantasy XV, but will actually be the one and only way to watch the events from the most recent Final Fantasy video game from a new perspective.

More exactly, the events, aspects, contexts and characters in Final Fantasy XV: Episode Ardyn are going to explain in a better way about how Ardyn has actually become an antagonist in the entire story. This time, the story will most probably be set in Insomnia, around three decades before the events from Final Fantasy XV, and it will provide more information about the background that determined Ardyn to get on the villain’s side, somehow motivating fans, at the same time, to find and feel a little sympathy for this particular character. Players will also witness a unique moment in the Final Fantasy series, when Ardyn will be aware of his destiny, followed by their participation into the first stages of the antagonist’s revenge plan upon the royal family. Anyway, more info about this story is going to be provided when the ultimate version of Final Fantasy XV: Episode Ardyn is finally going to be released and when players will find out details presented by this new episode which could not be told or discovered in the plot of the main game.

Final Fantasy XV: Episode Ardyn Mechanics

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Coming as an extension for Final Fantasy XV, Episode Ardyn has inspired quite a bit from the mechanics of this game. Therefore, all the movement, combat strategies, graphics and sounds have been renewed and added to the new episode, which will most probably also come up with some new and surprising future which were not divulgated yet by the developers. The world will be observed from a third person’s perspective and the player will get to explore open locations and real time fights. The interesting and intriguing difference, of course, will stand in the benefits of controlling a new character: exploring his own set of specific skills.

As long as we don’t hold much information yet about how the gameplay will work in Final Fantasy XV: Episode Ardyn, we all expect that there will be an equally engaging character mechanic and an interactive series of graphics and sounds for combats and exploration.

Final Fantasy XV: Episode Ardyn Modes

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Final Fantasy XV: Episode Ardyn is going to focus on getting a new perspective upon the events from FF15, upon exploration and ne feature and, of course, upon characters, visuals and several similar aspects. Therefore, again, accent is not put on the modes of the game, where the only available mode will be single, allowing the players to focus on the story and gameplay.

Final Fantasy XV: Episode Ardyn Technical Issues

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Final Fantasy XV: Episode Ardyn is not expected to come up with any modifications in its technical layer and its graphics will have the same base – therefore, no additional issues in technical terms are expected for this expansion.

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Avalibe on: PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox

Game Platform: FF15

Publishment year: 2019

Gengre: RPG