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Developed and published on the official website by Bethesda Softworks, Fallout 76 is the new apparition in the series and it was released on the 14th of November 2018 for all last-generation platforms of the moment – PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Coming as a spin-off for the existing other releases of the RPG series, Fallout 76 is coming as a new survival game in an open-world set in a post-apocalyptic time. Victory will be achieved either by collaborating with other players or by battling them, with the final objective of rebuilding West Virginia from zero after a nuclear catastrophe has destroyed it several decades ago.

Fallout 76 Story

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Just as in previous apparitions of the same series, you will play again as the Vault Dweller in one of the very few shelters that remained safe during the Great nuclear War since 2077. Set decades after that horrible apocalypse that immersed the world, the Story will have in first plan your character who will have to traverse the lands and search for other safe places that could be once again lived by the humanity.

Taking place somewhere next to Washington, in a place that, before the catastrophe from 2077, around 25 years ago, was called West Virginia, the mission of the main character – a pioneer – in the story will start in the Vault shelters that you got already used to in previous Fallout releases. The inhabitants of this place are going to aim to rebuild U.S. in this virtual world, as the original corporation plan aimed ever since the beginning.

Fallout 76 Mechanics

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First of all, in order to be playable, Fallout 76 will need a constant connection to the internet, focusing on the multiplayer game mode in a sandbox type game, where other characters are controlled by different players and are not the static NPCs that other action games might have got you used to. This means that, although there will always be other peaceful players with whom you’ll be able to ally and cooperate in completing quests together quicker and more efficient, there will also exist a constant danger of being robbed or killed by some other player, who prefers this playing style and, unless you are more powerful, skilled or experienced than him, you will have no way to escape. It will be a real-time fight and the winner will get the loot.

 Furthermore, the mechanics created for this version of Fallout are much improved and better developed. For example, the world in Fallout 76 has four times the dimension of the universe from the previous game, while the map will divide this world into six completely different areas, each having unique quest styles and different visual environments. At the same time, the gameplay will be dynamic due to still existing underground weapons of nuclear nature, hidden in the unexplored grounds from the game – therefore, when you will detect one of these, you will also get the opportunity to find some extremely rare and powerful resources to offer you more strength in fights. Moreover, you will be able to take your items and tools everywhere on the map and you will also get to build anything you decide to – mechanics will allow you to explore with your buildings – if you do a good job, you will even be able to keep unexpected “guests” such as monsters or thieves away from the place, while a bad building can result in wasted resources and time and more vulnerability in front of potential enemies who might more easily detect you.

Fallout 76 Modes

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Fallout 76 comes in a multiplayer mode that will allow you to explore the world of the virtual West Virginia in an online environment by teaming up with up to four other players.

Fallout 76 Technical Issues

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Using a better engine than the previous version of the series, Fallout 76 comes with a lot of technical upgrades as well, including a dynamic weather system which will offer different lightning and weather conditions during several diverse moments of the day/night, around sixteen times better developed visual details of the characters and environment and, obviously, a smoother gameplay.

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Availabbe on: PC, XBox One, PlayStation 4

Game Platform: Official Website

Publishment year: 2018

Gengre: RPG, Shooter