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Fallout 4 description

  Fallout 4 02    A new apparition from the developers who were awarded several prizes for creating the impressive The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and Fallout 3, Bethesda Game Studios, Fallout 4 has been published by Bethesda Softworks on the 10th of November 2015 in a post-apocalyptic adventure representing the most ambitious project ever had by the creators of some of the most engaging series of the moment.

     Introducing you into a newly designed world with the most impressive characters in a futuristic virtual reality, Fallout 4 has anticipated ever since 2015 the new generation of games in open-world systems.

Fallout 4 Story

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     In the settings of the undergrounds and suburbs of Boston at just a few seconds before an apocalyptic nuclear bomb explodes, the story in Fallout 4 is offering a prologue that will allow you to understand your hero better by meeting his family and his life before creating the genre, abilities and skills of your protagonist in the game. Just after entering the world in which your character is living, in a few moments, a nuclear attack separates the hero from the people he loves, isolating him in a fallout shelter numbered 111.

     The proper action of the story, anyway, in which you will have to make decisions and to actively and dynamically involve, will start 200 years after those memories, when your protagonist will finally come back to the surface, meeting a totally unfamiliar new environment, with unfriendly creatures roaming over what has left from the Earth he remembers, starting an adventure and continuous fight for survival. Captivating you in a post apocalyptic world seen from the perspective of people during the 2015 year, Fallout 4 will have you entering a world completely destroyed by the nuclear war. After surviving the unhappy moments in Vault no. 111, you will fight for survival in every second, each decision taken by you having a real-time consequence. The only one who will decide the fate of your world and who will be able to return the country to what it has been before the catastrophic events, will be you.

Fallout 4 Mechanics

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     A great option of the game mechanics in Fallout 4 is that you will be able to choose either to play from a first person or a third person perspective upon. Inspired from the already familiar interface and systems from Fallout 3, the new game will offer you complete freedom in exploring the post-apocalyptic grounds and choosing how to shape the up-following story, to decide to take a pet which you’ll be able to control through simple commands in order to improve your mood, and even more precision when shooting a certain part of a selected enemy body part in this virtual world.

     In order to develop your play style, you’ll be able to choose any of the personalities and features you might prefer, from being an attractive and sensual man characterized by charisma, to a Power Armored soldier, thanks to the S.P.E.C.I.A.L. character system. Another genuinely developed feature of the game mechanic will be the huge base of weapons (over 50), which will be available to upgrade and modify in up to 700 improved items and pieces of equipment. The crafting system is also highly improved and extended, and you will be able to recycle most of the items you’ll see in your explorations into completely new weapons or materials for building new shelters. And upon from this primary mission of re-building an entire world from zero, which can become quite difficult and exhausting for your protagonist from times to times, there will be a series of mini-games incorporated into the gameplay, for more freedom of decision taking. Nonetheless, all the actions you will undertake will take place in a visually enhanced environment, with a detailed representation of the ruins from an old and glorious Boston, landscapes and dynamic weather, with hundreds of characters and side-quests and even more choices to make, allowing you to explore everything on your own or by joining one of the several factions developed by the creators of Fallout 4.

Fallout 4 Modes

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     Fallout 4 is coming in a single player mode, for a deep exploration and the most engaging world to fight, build and walk in.

Fallout 4 Technical Issues

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     While they are not many and they are not game ending, there are some few technical issues encountered in the playing of Fallout 4, including problems with the perk system and dialogues and lack of focus in role-playing, according to what reviewers said.

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Avalibe on: PC, Play Station 4, Xbox One

Publishment year: 2015

Gengre: RPG, Science Fiction, Shooter