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Published by THQ Nordic on the 17th of October 2017 and developed by Piranha Bytes, Elex has been awarded with multiple prizes , including Best Sci-Fi 2017, Best PC Game and multiple other German awards. Coming as a handcrafted RPG with action and adventure elements, it Elex is a game coming from the best creators of the iconic series of Gothic, in an improved post-apocalyptic world, ith ne original characters, powerful action and, most interestingly, various mutated creatures.

Taking you to the lands of Magalan, Elex will have you join, through the character you’ll control, the biggest war for the most powerful resource of magic-like powers, although that almighty power will also turn them into cold-hearted and emotionless creatures. The fate of the world will be standing right in your hands.

Elex Story

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The planet Magalan was forever changed after it was hit by a meteor containing a powerful mineral named Elex. War started to erupt everywhere on the planet and from the remaining ashes, three factions are now ruling the world. Everyone has a different perspective about Elex and how to use it and they are criticizing one another for using it wrong. Beside that, on the planet there is a powerful race named The Albs. They know how to use Elex, to expand their powers using advanced technology with the Elex energy. The Albs are cruel, they live strict and have no feelings. They want a perfect world in their vision upon using Elex to evolve technologically.  

So when the game story begins, you are an Alb, persecuted, but after a fight you will fall from a high cliff and everyone thinks you are dead. You wake up feeling some pain in your body, just to see all your high tech equipment was stolen. You start exploring the planet, collecting things, meeting people and factions, but hiding the truth about yourself and your mission. Maybe someday you will take revenge upon the people that let you almost to die.

Elex Mechanics

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How players see Elex mechanic is controversial. Some of them like the game and others hate it. The combat system is quite difficult and you will have to spend some time to learn it. Monsters can kill you easily if you don’t know how to defend yourself. But you can recruit someone from the city to be your companion and use him instead of a human shield. You will be able to easily kill creatures and finish your quests. Maybe Elex is about being smart and creative to finish your tasks.

 As for the factions of the game, there are Berserks, who are medieval people using Elex for magic. They want to rejuvenate the planet, cultivate it again and make it productive. If you want to be a powerful mage in this game, choose the Berserks and summon minions to help you in fights. Outlaws are another faction, not really caring about Elex. Everything is about money for them, they live freely and by their own rules. Outlaws are rebels and mercenaries, using Elex to enchant their weapons, swords, guns, bows, grenades in order to combine medieval and high tech weapons to destroy the enemies. Clerics, the other faction of the game, consider using Elex is a sin. They are specialized in ranged combat weapons such as plasma rifles, but they will use the mineral for the weapon. If you prefer a more sci-fi gameplay, join the Clerics. The map on the game is very big and you will see various terrains by flying or walking. You will need some time to explore and see how vast it is. Sounds and music are good and keep your attention into the game. Dialogues are sometimes poorly written and the game story is related in a platonic, boring way, such as in Tomb Raider audio tapes. In conclusion, if you know Piranha Bytes and loved Gothic series, and Rien, don’t make expectations for Elex and see the game how it is, supporting the creators for more awesome role playing games in the future.

Elex Modes

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The single mode offered by Elex will take you on a solo adventure in the most engaging experience into the immersive world of Magalan.

Elex Technical Issues

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Only very fe issues and bugs have been reported on Elex gameplay, which is highly satisfying regarding the quality standards imposed by the story and mechanics of the game. Yet, a high level of difficulty has been reported as annoying, especially when trying to complete the main quest and constantly getting killed. Yet, the complexity of the game will make it much more easier once you get used to its interface and mechanics.

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Available on: PC

Game Platform: Steam

Publishment year: 2017

Gengre: RPG, Adventure, Action