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Dragon Age: Origins

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Dragon Age Origins description

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Dragon Age: Origins is a fantasy RPG developed by BioWare and published by Electronic Arts in 2009. The game is very big and complex and it`s staying on the same table with others titans of the gender that were very popular and great at that time, such as Gothic, Risen, Oblivion, The Elder Scrolls and more. The game story was written mainly by David Gaider in collaboration with some other talented authors, in a total of six novels. There are also some animes, comics and, of course, books about the game.

     To keep it simple and plant an image in your head about how the game is, take for example the LOTR series. In that game there are orcs, while in Dragon Age there are darkspawns. In analogy, in LOTR they are lead by the mystic eye of Sauron and here, by a powerful dark Dragon. And there are also some similar characters in both series such as mages, warriors, archers etc.

Dragon Age: Origins Story

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     If you play the Elf campaign, for example, you will start from exploring a cave with some dark presence and rumors that dark and evil things will happen. Soon, you will find the truth and you will meet a Guardian from a mystic old order that protects the land. Every race will have some conflicts just like the elves did, some choosing to live around the castle, and some in villages, while their moves are criticized by the forest elves who live a different lifestyle. Voices say forest elves are savages and thieves… or are they honorable and respect their elders and the goods they have? You will find the truth by yourself.

     Furthermore, after the cave incident, your people will spread around the land and a guardian will take you to the castle. You are aiming to join the Grey Wardens – the protectors, nobles and the only ones able to beat the dark evil forces.  But the journey to become a guardian is not easy and you will face lots of challenges. You will hear rumors about the castle being invaded soon by some evil presences, called them darks pawns. You will protect the castle with your life, but some other bad things will happen afterwards and every part of the land will soon be doomed in fire. So you will travel to some cities around, trying to grow your forces with some Grey Wardens that are new in this order, just like you. They will follow you all the game and you will become good friends. You will also be able to recruit characters from the surrounding cities to join your journey, and you will be finding an old ancient weapon but winning the game in the end will not be easy with the rumors about Grey Wardens and the icing civil war around the land.

Dragon Age: Origins Mechanics

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     In Dragon Age: Origins you can play the next races: Human, Elf, Dwarf, Qunari. Every race has some racial abilities such as resistance to physical damage, magic, range; classes such as Mage, Warrior and Rogue; and everyone has a sub division and a choice to become an archer, a tank, a healer, or a powerful mage.

     Moreover, in the game you can craft items, learn specializations, gather stuff and some other abilities. The combat system is a bit weird – you will either love or hate it. It is similar to the Heroes game series, or similar to a chess game. In a fight, you can pause the game and select one of your characters to make it cast a spell, craft traps, defense, attack some of the hordes of darkspawn or support your team with healing and buffs. You can do it with every individual character and afterwards start the game and watch the fight. There are some great voices acting, well developed characters that will transmit you emotions, nice background music and good graphics for that time.

Dragon Age: Origins Game Modes

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     You can download several game expansions that bring further some of the secondary plots or some new quest lines. To remember some of the game expansions, we can mention Witch Hunt, Return To Ostagar, The Stone Prisoner or Wardens Keep.  

     For the Origins expansion you will not need additional PC resources. If you have a computer with at least 1 GB Ram, 520 video memory, cpu with at least 1,4ghz and 20 GB of free space, you can play them all! So be ready to encounter lots of giant spiders, creepy monsters, zombies and all sort of evil things.

Dragon Age: Origins Technical Issues

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     After several fixes and improvements, the game is now very safe and playable. But let’s take a look upon some popular bugs and glitches from the past.

     Texts on some quests just vanish if you have a low graphic card and a bug on Xbox will determine some monsters you kill to simply respawn and have you kill them again. On steam, you can’t see graphic settings and on a PC, cut scenes might disappear. Some dexterity bugs on hunters or quests items not dropping have also been reported but, as mentioned, the majority of them are fixed now.

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Avalibe on: PC, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3

Publishment year: 2009

Gengre: Role Playing Game