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Divinity Original Sin II description

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 Published on the 14th of September 2019 and developed by Larian Studios, Divinity: Original Sin II is a new apparition in the award-winning series of Role Playing Games published from the same development studio, the series entitled Divinity.

 An eagerly anticipated sequel for the beloved series, Original Sin II is bringing the best new possibility of gathering a new party, mastering a tactical and deeply strategic combat and a great competition in the case of more than one player towards obtaining the title of a God.

Divinity: Original Sin II Story

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The story of Divinity: Original Sin II is taking the player into a world made out of the developers’ fantasy and talent at creating the most immersive visuals and beautiful graphics for a well illustrated action and a smooth storyline. Set in Rivellon, in a time around one thousand years since the story that took place during Divinity: Original Sin, this time the role of the character controlled by the player will be engaged in the old conflict we have already explored in previous installments of the game. Unlike in Divinity: Original Sin, where you were controlling two hunters whose objective was finding the users of forbidden magic, this time, the protagonist of the story in Divinity: Original Sin II will actually use that magical power of the Source.

 Another new element in the story of Divinity: Original Sin II will be the atmosphere, much more serious and heavier than in Divinity: Original Sin the first. Presenting, as already mentioned, the conflict continuing between the two groups, the storyline will take this time the only character controlled by the player on a journey of tracking down the representatives of the Order, while also struggling to end a crisis that started because of monsters of the Void, resulted from the Death of Divine, who invaded the realm and started bringing serious damage. Many more challenges and risky situations, as well as thrilling adventures enhanced with engaging mechanics and graphics, are going to make a unique experience out of the further story development brought by Divinity: Original Sin II.

Divinity: Original Sin II Mechanics

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The game mechanics are improved in this second version of Divinity: Original Series, stimulating the player’s creativity and involvement in the game story even from the beginning of the game when he will have to create his central character. In the process of giving your character an identity, a look and a set of abilities, you will also have a new feature developed, which will be providing your character a biographic background as well, for a much more interesting, interactive and dynamic storyline. According to the genre and background of the hero in the game, and to the identity you create for your crafted character, the other creatures and inhabitants in the game world are going to positively or negatively react in various situation in their presence, sometimes offering missions and quests and other times ignoring or disliking them. Consequently, this is a much improved and profound mechanics for a role-playing game than in previous version, which makes Divinity: Original Sin II, as expected, unique and full of options and scenarios to explore.

 The combat system will also be strongly improved with climbing abilities for towers and other platforms, actions performed will mainly cost 1-3 points, new skills and combos will be added for more intense combats and easier victories when good balance of skills and powers are found, while the newest element to explore will be the Source power, which will offer more dangerous and invincible abilities than ever.

Divinity: Original Sin II Modes

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Divinity: Original Sin II comes with another multiplayer-mode for up to 4 players to enjoy the adventure in cooperation, which will turn to be an interesting plot twist if, influenced by inappropriately chosen different backgrounds, will transform their characters into enemies in the game world due to opposing goals to achieve in a unique situation. But there will also be a PvP mode available, set in arenas, allowing players to fight against each other in tight competitions.

Divinity: Original Sin II Technical Issues

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According to the reviewers, some small bugs were detected by few players, others had no problem and smooth experiences during gameplay, and others have encountered crashes from the first seconds of playing the game. The technical performance of Divinity: Original Sin II is various according to the platform it’s played on, yet most of the times it’s doing great and offering great audiovisual work on all platforms.

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Available on: PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4

Game Platform: Steam

Publishment year: 2017

Gengre: RPG, Adventure, Strategy