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Dark Souls description

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Dark Souls has been published by Bandai Namco Entertainment. Developed by FromSoftware, the game will captivate players into a new area for epic battles, and into a new storyline that will not be easy to unveil.

 The reputation of the Dark Souls series is well-known for its reputation of bringing up the most difficult battles and hard to defeat enemies. Yet, this makes the game be even more engaging for ambitious players, ready to engage in challenging fights where winning or losing is not a pre-determined scenario, but a result of their character’s skills and powers and of his fighting strategies.

Dark Souls Story

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As already mentioned, the story of Dark Souls in not easy to unveil, mostly due to the difficult gameplay which either doesn’t allow the player to focus on the story, or doesn’t fully get discovered due to not being able to progress the game. So it is entirely possible to play the game and not know anything about the plot, scenarios and events that have actually created a story that can take even years or at least a few months in order to get discovered. This happens because Dark Souls is not telling a story: the story, legend and events in this game are actually happening.

 The opening scene, anyway, establishes the starting point for the story of Dark Souls. Taking the player into several new locations, this cut-scene is unveiling a world ruled by dragons, where a man named Gwyn finds an object called First Flame and then discovers Lord Souls, using the power of his allies and his own skills in order to defeat the dragons, starting a new Age of Fire.

Dark Souls Mechanics

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You will start the game by creating your hero, choosing from 12 different default classes, different in aspects and skills, yet not changing the course of the gameplay with any different story or objective. Yet, developing your character will be free regarding looks, equipment and abilities. Furthermore, you will firstly have to explore the worlds you’ll later fight in, featuring interconnected areas. Before actually getting to enjoy the fights, you will need to be patient and explore the world.

  An interesting element of the game mechanics is the huge variety of enemies, each of them bringing up a different challenge. Dragons, monsters and bosses equaling more than ten times the power of an usual enemy, your opponents will be different and skilled, yet the combat system will be quite intuitive, based on powerful strikes and intelligent attacks upon the enemies. Over 200 items and objects will be possible finding and loots for your character during the game, each having some unique qualities for potions, healing, weapon upgrades, antidotes, better equipment etc. Entering a dark world of fantasy, the game will be challenging you into discovering the story of Dark Souls step by step, by talking to other characters, studying texts from item descriptions and carefully analyzing the place, as no plot will be told you for free. Although there are a few cut-scenes, in a total of around one hour, there will not be too many plots illustrated so both regarding fights and the story, you are the one who has to discover and face everything – which is the element bringing up the popular difficulty of the role playing game.

Dark Souls Modes

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Dark Souls is coming in a single player mode for those who aim to take the most challenging missions in a similar game. Yet, for those who wish to face the game objectives and dangers together with other friends and to enjoy in a group all the three dimensional graphics and details from Dark Souls, there is also a multiplayer mode that allows up to 6 players to team up online.

Dark Souls Technical Issues

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The developers have done a quite great job with Dark souls regarding its technical performance, as no major technical issue such as bugs or crashes making the game unplayable have been reported. For the time it was published for last generation platforms including Xbox and PlayStation in their last models, this is certainly a notable performance!

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Available on: PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

Game Platform: Official Website

Publishment year: 2016

Gengre: RPG, Fantasy, Action