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The Grand Tour Game description

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Based on the original Amazon Prime show which today has reached to its fifth season, The Grand Tour Game is a continuation of the fun and adventure presented in the show with the same title. Keeping the same atmosphere and variety of visuals as in the show, the game has been developed by Amazon Digital Services LLC and has recently been published during the first month of 2019.

The Grad Tour Game was created to be enjoyed on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One and will take its players through various challenges inspired directly from Amazon’s show, through virtual characters of real persons such as Richard Hammond, James May or Jeremy Clarkson.

The Grand Tour Game Story

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As already mentioned above, The Grand Tour Game is a racing game developed by Amazon Game Studios and it bases on Amazon’s Prime highly appreciated The Grand Tour show which has now made it till the 5th season of adventures around the world. Therefore, the story of the game will keep most of the elements of the show that inspired it, amongst the main characters of the game who will be Richard Hammond, James May and Jeremy Clarkson. Primary feelings and atmosphere that will get to players by playing this racing game will be, as expected, excitement, adventure and even friendship, even when surrounding people – those friends of yours – are going to be the biggest annoyers of the entire video game released on the 15th of January. Sometimes even presenting cars in the main plan, other times items or lands, the game – just like the show – is going to take players on a global adventure of discovering corners of the world, new experiences and, of course, new technologies, cultures, buildings, believes – all in a dynamic and entertaining context. The story of the game, just as simple and yet complex and diverse as the one in the show, is more about experience than about legends and scenarios. Full of energy, the game will have you watch the main characters roaming around some strange, even questionable vehicles or automotive antics and, in the blink of an eye, will change the situation and landscape and will have you watch the wheels of the car gaining speed and racing towards some interesting new location. Same cars from the show, same engaging places and same chances to fail or to win, the game is going to offer a greatly authentic experience of exploration and adventure with cars and the world as the limit.

 Just as the original show, The Grand Tour Game will also be sectioned in episodes, in a great series with several adventures, each presenting a new location, a new exploration, a new car and, therefore, a new and unique game story. With very similar transitions from the show in the game, The Grand Tour Game will keep up the authentic fun, irreverence and even specific humor of The Grand Tour Show. And nonetheless, for the most realistic experience, the game is also keeping the real voices of the original protagonists of the series. Therefore, in every episode of the game, you will hear the voices of the hosts enhancing your gameplay and your adventures while visiting iconic places and engaging on challenging activities such as capturing cars and getting in unbelievable locations around the world. To keep it short, The Grand Tour Game will continue the enthusiasm and fun right from that point from here The Grand Tour Show has left it.

The Grand Tour Game Mechanics

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Getting to play as Richard Hammond, Jeremy Clarkson or James May, the characters from the original show, The Grand Tour Game is going to offer you the most unexpected challenges and various unbelievable cars to drive. With weekly updates coming with new cars, new places, new tracks and challenges, the game’s mechanics are always improving, yet graphics and movements are already in a very enjoyable high definition.

The Grand Tour Game Modes

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The Grand Tour Game will engage the enthusiasts of the show in a single-player mode or, for those who wish to play in a group, up to four players will be able to play the game in a split-screen multiplayer mode.

The Grand Tour Game Technical Issues

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There are extremely quality visual elements carefully created under a good technique and the detailed models of the licensed cars and different locations visited during every challenge ere excellently re-created from the show – and The Grand Tour Game has done an incredible overall job regarding technical performance.

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Available on: XBOX One, PlayStation 4

Game Platform: Official Website

Publishment year: 2019

Gengre: Racing, TV Series