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The Sinking City

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The Sinking City description

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Settings in The Sinking City are presented in the United States, on the East Coast during the 1920’s. Invaded by supernatural forces possessing and corrupting minds of every inhabitant, including the player’s character’s, the city of Oakmont will have to be saved and uncovered of the secrets that have half submerged it.

Announced to be published by Bigben Interactive sometime during the year of 2019, The Sinking City has been developed by Frogwares and will put the player into the role of a private investigator who will have to fight the forces taking control over his mind and discover the truth. The game will offer a journey of adventure and mystery, where combat and exploration will not be missing and neither would the engaging visuals and interactive game mechanics.

The Sinking City Story

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The story of The Sinking City will be a unique experience not only for adventure game avid players or for those who enjoy an action plot, but will also be a great delight for fans of H. P. Lovecraft’s universe of horrors. Inspired from the Cthulhu Mythos written by the obscure and terrifying storyteller, the Sinking of City will be a complex story uncovering the mysteries of the evil forces of supernatural nature that have recently taken control upon the minds of the citizens from Oakmont, a city from the East Coast of United States.

Taking place during the early 1920s, the story of The Sinking City will present in first plan a private detective controlled by the player, who will strive to understand the mysteries of the city while struggling to keep his mental sanity and fight the forces that aim to take control upon his mind too. It will be a fictional journey towards revealing the causes and remedies for the massive flood making the city suffer and horrifying people with madness, hysteria and doubt of everything. The main mission of the story will be gradually discovering the mysteries before it will be too late and the entire place will be sunk in disaster.

The Sinking City Mechanics

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Quite unique in comparison to other games from the category of “adventure genre”, The Sinking City is coming with a much more intense focus on investigation than on combat – which is quite similar to other games based on H. P. Lovecras at allow the player to explore a dark and terrifying world of unnatural, evil forces. However, the game is featuring a surprisingly large open world, quite a record for Frogwares developers in terms of dimension, and therefore every player’s actions will be influencing the order in which they will discover clues and new locations from the game’s universe, having, as a result, a non-linear manner of exploring the world of The Sinking City, and not a single predefined route to follow.

 An arsenal of 1920s’ style of weapons, unique creatures like extracted from the worst nightmares and multiple means of exploring the world (by boat, foot or even by wearing a diving suit) are some of the most unique features from the mechanics of The Sinking City in comparison to any other similar game. Furthermore, the game will stand for tens of replaying possibilities, each time in a different scenario, due to the open investigation system that will determine each case to have several numbers of methods to be solved and several possible endings, according to the decisions and actions the player will take. Nonetheless, The Sinking City will present a dark and heavy atmosphere of horror mysteries and scary situations – a delightful element for H. P. Lovecraft’s fans – and in such a condition of overall crisis and terror, you will have to maintain your character able to fight the oppressive forces and manage his mental health before getting possessed and tangled by madness and desperation.

The Sinking City Modes

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According to the need of creating a scary universe and to the focus on the main character of the story, it is quite obvious that the developers have only created a single playeer mode for The Sinking City.

The Sinking City Technical Issues

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More information about the technical condition of the game will certainly be available once it gets tested and reviewed worldwide.

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Available on: PC, XONE, PlayStation 4

Game Platform: Steam

Publishment year: 2019

Gengre: Adventure, Action