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Evoland: Legendary Edition

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Evoland: Legendary Edition description

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Developed and published by Shiro Games, Evoland: Legendary Edition brings together a combination between to video games showcasing technology, graphics and gameplay during different stages of the video game evolution. Making a compilation between the games played in a time where eight-bit games were the high trends and today’s best performing and immersive visuals and game mechanics, Evoland: Legendary Edition is a unique game brought as a tribute to the iconic series of action and adventure games with role playing elements.

 Available for various platforms, Evoland: Legendary Edition will have a different release date for each of its playable platform, starting with the 5th of February for PlayStation 4 to 7 February for 2019 for PC and Switch and, at one day distance, 8th of February for Xbox One. With a great development process behind, Evoland: Legendary Edition will be an incredible experience for every player based on mini maps, 2D graphics and a simple yet enjoyable game mechanics due to its tribute-like value.

Evoland: Legendary Edition Story

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While there is not much to say about the story of Evoland: Legendary Edition in particular, it is worth noting that the first release of the Evoland series has been inspired by Ludum Dare 24 Game jam and the second part was even from the beginning created as a commercial product.

 And regarding Evoland: Legendary Edition, it reunites the two previous editions of the game, each coming with its unique story and multiple scenarios, each throwing the player somewhere in a game from the past that has enchanted his childhood or teenage- or, for younger ones, his parents’ childhood – bringing a little nostalgia for the old graphics and fashion regarding game design and style as well.

Evoland: Legendary Edition Mechanics

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The similar scheme of both editions that you’ll get in the legendary release of Evoland will be the bond set by the developers between two games coming from different ages. They will not get carried away, however, by the enthusiasm of helping others remember the old games, and they will provide references for each game as a tribute to some of the most iconic titles in the 2000s game history.

     Mechanics will be offering simple games in a two dimensional form, with extremely limited set of movements and abilities given to the hero of the game, for a really authentic experience of the first games. As you’ll progress, anyway, to higher levels, a new world with larger diversity of options and game mechanics will open in front of you, closely illustrating the evolution of video games to some HD 3 dimensional games for PlayStation 4 or Xbox. With every progress, new puzzles and mini-maps will be unlocked, nicely engaging the player to slowly evolve along with the game. He will gradually pass through all stages of the video games’ history, unlocking step by step new and more complex battle systems based on turns or in real-time, or on duels in some direct fighting games. The diversity of the enemies will also be progressing along with the world opening in front of the player, coming with more powerful and skillful bosses, better designed and surrounded by more immersive visuals, more intense audios, more permissive mechanics and several other improvements that offer a unique experience from the very beginning till the last moment of Evoland: Legendary Edition.

Evoland: Legendary Edition Modes

 Evoland Legendary Edition 05

Evoland: Legendary Edition is coming in a single-player mode, according the necessary attention to each stage of the solo gaming experience through the evolution of time and game world & character progress.

Evoland: Legendary Edition Technical Issues

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As the game is presenting mini-games and battles from their initial and less audio – visually qualitative forms, taking the player to key-moments changing towards the way you are getting today your video games, the technical performance, graphics and pixel arts of the games will gradually improve, starting from a low condition which will not be a bug or an issue but a fun way to remember old time-spending games, and advancing towards some excellent sound layers and more enjoyable looks of the game until the level of PlayStation 2.

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Available on: PC

Game Platform: Official Website

Publishment year: 2019

Gengre: Indie, Adventure