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The Forest description

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An indie game of action, survival and adventure, The Forest is simulating the way you might or might not survive the cruel conditions of an unexplored forest, after a passenger jet crash.

 Developed and published by Endnight Games Ltd. On the 30th of April 2018, the game i’ll put you into the role of the only survivor from a jet crash, throwing you into the most immersive situations, set in mysterious forest here you ill struggle to stay alive in a community of fanatic cannibalistic mutants. To keep your live, you will need to build your shelter, to stealthily explore the lands, and to survive in a horror simulator provided by The Forest to be experienced from a first person’s perspective.

The Forest Story

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You are on a plane with your child sitting next to you, and in the next moment you feel some turbulence. Everything shakes around and suddenly becomes dark. You open your eyes feeling pain in all your body, but what you see is giving you even more pain.  Your child is in the arms of a creepy kind of isle native Cannibal, with tribal tattoos and primate outfit. You don’t have time to react and the Cannibal is going away with your child. So here the journey begins for you. You will have to collect everything you can from the plane crash site and start exploring the island, gathering plants, cutting woods, crafting items, shelters, hunting for food and doing everything in order to survive in the creepy island. Maybe one day you will even get to see your child again.

 The game has an occult part, maybe inspired by Lovecraft mythos. Exploring the island, you will find ancient obelisks and ruins that are interconnected with the cannibals, but what’s their agenda? Play the game and find out!

The Forest Mechanics

The Forest 04

The Cannibals’ behavior is not like in the regular games. Artificial intelligence is impressive sometimes, as the natives run from the wild into you direction and when you are prepared to defend yourself they go back. They are adapting a strategy like hit and run, and other times are very aggressive, badly wanting to kill you. If you take a closer look to the details, you will learn more about the game story. Some of the corpses from the crash site wear a New Year sign T-shirt and the plane is from a Germany company. Exploring the game, you will find who others are on the island and which their purpose is. For example, the Christian missionaries who, in the 20th century, tried to civilize the natives but their plans were in vein.  

The game is pretty spooky and the enemy will attack not only on the day but also in the night time, with horrifying screams and sounds on the background. You will have to craft your base and barricade yourself in order to survive the night, so check your instruction book and build something strategically.  On a psychological level, The Forest is about your sanity and what will take for you to survive this coursed island. The starving is hard – what will you eat to survive in extreme situations? The Forest is fun also in multiplayer mode, where you can communicate with your friends and manage resources in order to survive and have fun. The game is still in development and updates are constantly making your game more pleasurable.

The Forest Modes

 The Forest 05

The forest is coming in a single-player mode to be enjoyed with its thrilling adventures in a solo experience allowing you to get more creative than ever, but it also features a multiplayer mode in order to play with your friends, even in a cooperative manner, for the most enhancing gameplay.

The Forest Technical Issues

 The Forest 06

As for the technical issues, upon the problems encountered by the players there are worth to note some flaws, a sometimes wonky physics engine or a buggy and junky building system. Apart from this, you will enjoy a unique visual experience due to the excellent details and arts from the game environment and even characters.

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Available on: PC

Publishment year: 2018

Gengre: Adventure, Indie, Simulation, Action