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 An action RPG game developed by Human Head Studios and announced to get published by Ragnarok Game, LLC during the winter of 2019, Rune is an experience of the player as a warrior who needs to fight the end of the days that threatens to come. The only chance to resist and save the mankind is by heeding the call of the gods and becoming capable of saving humanity from trickster Loki.

A great game for those who aim to revenge and to discharge their daily frustrations and anger, Rune is your possibility to manifest your destructiveness through Midgard, by slaying rival Viking clans and dismembering enemies with brutality, in order to find your own way to becoming the God-Slayer.

Rune Story

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Rune tells the story of Midgard, a city where the legend has foretold that gods would fall while fire and frost would consume the nine realms during Ragnarok, although this is not what happened. The gods survived but, instead, beasts, giants and undead ones have ravaged the realms for seven horrible years, while gods have inexplicably not provided their protection. Drawn into chaos and darkness, the world’s remaining realm, Midgard, is captive in insane Loki’s cruel grasp. Evil and eager to enjoy a cruel show, Loki is the Trickster God with a twisted plan to set back Ragnarock’s terror upon the world even after it has destroyed the lands of Midgard for way too long, and to make sure that such a horror will be spread in the same way until the end of days.

Playing as a strong Viking warrior, Rune players will have to align with the god of their choice, searching for armor and better weapons, completing quests using runes in order to get blessings of gods reflected in magic and strength. The ultimate goal of the story will be to prevent the world from facing an endless unleashed apocalypse by using the help of other Vikings’ allies’ experiences and powers and by ultimately defeating both time and Loki as the main enemies. The warriors will have to rise above the dishonored dead, the feral beasts, the huge monsters and giants, all struggling for dominance, and to prove they are the most capable of all in defeating a god, by slaying Loki and saving Midgard from a perpetual Ragnarok.

Rune Mechanics    

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With beautifully enhanced visuals, the game will present you a once blossoming Midgard currently sitting destroyed and ruined, drowned and disfigured. You will have to sail a fleet of longships in order to overrun the enemy fortresses, and you will need to battle right next to enormous monsters and giants.

You will get to align to a God of your choice, in order to gain some specific sets of abilities and powers, as well as skills to help you complete quests through the mystical runes and to progress with your equipment and weapons. Aligning with a Norse God, for example, will help you complete quests faster and better. If you choose Thor, he will grant you physical strength, while Hel will provide you powers over the dead ones. Odin, on the other side, will grant you additional protection from the dangerous world. In the end, you’ll need to prove yourself as a competent and worthy warrior, making the wisest choices when deciding to go alone or team up with other friends and powerful characters able to help you, inviting fellow warriors to help you through Ragnarok, everything in a visually enhanced context, with epic battle scenes, excellent graphics and eye-taking beautifully designed weapons

Rune Modes

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The complexity of Rune is given by its highly developed story, by the amazingly entertaining visuals, battles and gameplay, and by its continuously improving and interesting mystical mechanics, and not by the modes the game offers. Furthermore, Rune is a Player versus Player game, where the Viking warrior (the player) will have to defeat Loki and Ragnarok using all the strategies, resources and blessings available.

Rune Technical Issues

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Regarding technical issues, the statements about game technical performances are yet to come, when the game will be published in the winter of 2019. It still has a lot of time to improve and therefore to present a final version, hopefully with no bugs or major crashes, freezing or other technical issues to report.

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Available on: PC

Game Platform: Steam

Publishment year: 2019

Gengre: Action, RPG, Early Access