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With its first release on the 18th of November 2011 for the PC, Minecraft has been developed regarding graphics and mechanics for several years, getting adapted into lots of other versions for the various generations of Xboxes and PlayStations, constantly increasing its intention and ability of unleashing the creativity of the players, allowing them to make the most radical modifications in a world made out of cubic blocks called voxels.

All the Minecraft apparitions have been developed by Mojang AB and they were published on the official website of the game. Today, the sandbox game is available for almost all the current and previous platforms that have attracted players, including PC, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PSV, 3DS, Switch and Wii U, the most recent launched version being the one from 14 September 2017, for 3DS.

Minecraft Story

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More of a mechanic-focused game, Minecraft is not a storytelling experience, but a huge virtual world in which players will be able to modify and build structures, to create anything from objects to weapons and tools and entire cities, using the existing resources and collecting new ones, constantly expanding and evolving with imagination as the only limit.

Minecraft Mechanics

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Mechanics for Minecraft are a main point. Extremely popular worldwide due to its completely modifiable elements and free virtual world, the game will have players enter the game through a chosen character who will start by collecting large blocks similar to bricks and using them in order to build simple structures and then to expand and upgrade them into the most complex buildings and systems.

What the entire game actually is, might me resumed to a huge sandbox with no limit regarding the number of resources or the space used or the structures built. No mission will be engaging you into actions that will limit your creativity. You will simply be situated in a three dimensional world, entirely built on cubic blocks and generated procedurally, being able to explore, to collect whichever materials you might find useful and, later, to build your own blocks, your own objects, to become however you aim to be and to rule over the world you build.

Minecraft Modes

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Minecraft is coming in both single mode and multiplayer mode, in order to permit both a solo and a teamed-up exploration and construction activity of the world of blocks.

 Apart from these, the game also offers a Classic Mode, where nothing will be stopping you from building the world you aim to rule over, and a Survival Mode, in which by daytime, conditions will be quite the same, whilst at nights, there will be all types of monsters trying to take your life and destroy what you have built during daytime. In this second mode, you will still have unlimited resources and unconstrained abilities to explore new areas of the game map, but you will need to make sure that your life is safe at night by preparing the most resistant buildings and weapons as an invincible defense for the nighttime. Minecraft will allow you to choose any of the modes you’ll find more suitable for your style and purpose of playing – only fun and relaxation, or a bit of risk and battle atmosphere.

Minecraft Technical Issues

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Now, although it combines fully three dimensional shapes and blocks, Minecraft will come in a retro styled aspect, presenting a design that will easily remind the eras of eight bit games and old computers. This means that although there is a quite modern technology used for the world in the game, especially compared to the time when it was first released, the aspect of the overall visuals will still be the non-realistic, child game-like looks of the old times.

 In addition, there were some technical issues encountered while playing the game on some of the compatible platforms such as inexplicable crashing and a few bugs, but they were usually efficiently and quickly fixed, due to a dynamic and mostly active team of professionals available to help players obtain an enjoyable experience with non-existent bugs or glitches that would affect the quality of the game adventure or, worse, that would annoy the player and even make Minecraft unplayable.

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Available on: PC

Game Platform: Official Website

Publishment year: 2011

Gengre: Action, Survival, Indie