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A FPS game of action developed by Disruptive Games, published on the 8th of January 2019 on the official website, Megalith is a shooter with modern mechanics and engaging graphics promoting competition and challenge among gamers ho enjoy war and combat games. It was designed exclusively for PS4 and it has brought an interesting perspective upon the multiplayer mode advantages.

Coming in a multiplayer mode and letting the player choose a titan as their controlled character in the world of Megalith, the game will introduce gamers into a war that will have its inner recognized with the title of a God. With a wide variety of combat skills and a greatly extensive arsenal, from which players will be able to select whatever they will personally prefer for a more enjoyable playthrough, Megalith is offering a unique image and perspective upon the key-moments of a spectacular war.

Megalith Story

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The story of Megalith is introducing players into a mystical world, a mythical version of the Earth, set in a very distant past, when the planet as inhabited by titans, powerful characters with unique skills, abilities, fighting styles and motivation.

During the game, the storyline will take the player to participate into a war started by the titans in order to take control upon the mankind, and each Titan from the five different classes will be holding a new type of minions and powers, unveiling every time a new storyline for the player to explore the game world and the origins of every Titan in a more precise way. With allies and enemies, with powers and vulnerabilities and, of course, with the huge prize of being entitled a god, the game will bring up several rewards to motivate each player to focus and demonstrate the necessary abilities required in order to obtain the victory and the control upon the entire planet Earth.

Megalith Mechanics

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Based on multiplayer combats interestingly designed in unique graphics and with great 3D technologies, Megalith will offer the players a first person perspective upon the game story and action and upon the various arena they’ll be exploring during the diverse combats amongst dangerous enemies of their chosen characters.

Choosing the preferred Titan (with epic skins for each of the 5 starting characters to choose from for a more personalized and fun experience) to play with even from the very beginning of his entry in the game, the player will set eliminating the other remaining titans as a primary goal. In order to obtain this supreme victory, they will have several skills, powers and weapons available from a complex arsenal, all fully customizable for unique and creative strategies decided by the gamers. Megalith, anyway, will be promoting and rewarding cooperation for a quicker and more enjoyable victory – therefore, teaming up with other players, summoning minions for additional help and moving smoothly around the environment before combat in order to clearly understand every plus and minus from every character, both hero and enemy, will be the wisest possible decision during the gameplay. Furthermore regarding the game mechanics, there will be immersive visuals and attractive details in the game’s walkthrough, while players will have to take down towers and enemy walls in order to find and exploit their vulnerabilities while creating their own path towards a massive victory.

Megalith Modes

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The game modes offered by Megalith will be both single player and online multiplayer and, given the dedication developers have demonstrated for the cooperation promotion inside the game world, probably the second mode will also be the most enjoyable along with friends.

Megalith Technical Issues

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No major bugs or technical issues have been reported by now regarding the technical performance of Megalith, which seems to be working smoothly. What it has been noticed, anyway, is the appreciation coming from the players regarding the well-worked three dimensional visuals featured in the game, in general for a catchy design and for interesting details that matter. Also, the easily destroyable environment, which comes to the player’s help in combats in order to find vulnerabilities of the enemies and destroy the structures they are hiding beside, represents a unique and much admired technical element of the recent release from Disruptive Games.

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Available on: PlayStation 4

Game Platform: Official Website

Publishment year: 2018

Gengre: Action