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League of Legends description

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The League of Legends is one of the most popular games from the year of 2009. It was developed and published by Riot Games and it is a Multiplayer Online Battle Area where players will engage in unforgettable combats.

League of Legends Story

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Taking place in the fictional world of Runeterra, heroes and villains from the champions of League of Legends have a huge variety of stories standing behind them, usually related to the political conflicts from diverse countries from the continent of Valoran.

 Anyway, the game is a MOBA and therefore, it is much more focused on combat and fight strategies, and on mechanics in general, than on engaging the player into an immersive story.

League of Legends Mechanics

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The game mechanic is very complex and we can discuss about the gameplay for hours. But let’s keep it simple and see what strategy we need to implement for every role, in order to gain rank and to win the match. By playing the support role, you will have to go on the safe lane and literary babysit your Carry. Protect him from the enemies and in extreme cases, die for him. Just be sure your main carry is progressing and becoming stronger. Therefore, you will need to make items that will protect him, buff stats, heal, defense etc. You can also pick a role in which you can disable, root, stun or knock out your enemy to secure the kill for your carry. When your Carry is able to survive some moments alone, go and ward some key points of the map. This way, you will have visions for your team and you will know when the enemies will come to kill your Carry, so you can better protect him or plan to kill your opponents. Best support Champions are Nunu, Leona, Soroka, Thresh.

 Another role is Tank, where you will pick a durable and strong Champion while being on the front line and surviving for your team by taking and absorbing all the damage from the enemies. You will have to make items that boost your team’s defense and health and, of course, items that will sabotage your opponent’s Carry. If is a mage does something you can silence him and if it is a warrior, disarm him. Best Champions for the Tank role are Malphite, Volibear, Shen. Another role and the most recommended if you aren’t new to the game, is represented by Mid Laners. For the others, go play Support and Tank and familiarize yourself with the game and strategies others use. As for the Mid Laners, they have no easy task to do. You will need lots of practice to play better, taking last hits, denying minions, position yourself better, avoiding gangs and so on. Making items with burst damage will allow you to go and help the lanes that are in difficulty, because you will be the most experienced on the early game. The best champions to play Mid Laners with are Orianna, Ahri, Zed, Talon, Akali and Fizz. And probably the most difficult role from the game, the Carry role is the one your team counts on. The support role is going to do everything in order to help you grow fast and be strong. So in order to win, keep it simple. But to playing this role, you will have to know all the other Champions and how they will defense and ambush in order to kill you and use that in your advantage, to secure the kill for yourself. Make items that will make you upgrade fast and survive, after which, in the mid game, start building damage items. Most popular Carry Champions are Ezreal, Thresh, Kai’sa

League of Legends Modes

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League of Legends is offering both single and multiplayer modes, providing several options of engaging into the most epic fights that could have been created with the graphics of 2009’s technology.

League of Legends Technical Issues

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Regarding the technical performance of LoL, there is a very active community eager to fix any occurring bugs and therefore, with several updates and constant improvements, League of Legends is one of the best performing games of Action.

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Available on: PC

Game Platform: Official Website

Publishment year: 2009

Gengre: Action, Fantasy