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Grand Theft Auto V description

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 Released by Rockstar Games on the 14th of April 2015, Grand Theft Auto V, or GTA V has been developed by Rockstar North and offers a great experience of adventure to every player who has just entered the world of GTA or has already played the previous iconic games from the franchise.

This time taking the action into Los Santos, the game is keeping up the tradition of coming up with the best game for any age of the player, adding fun things to do in both the main quest and side activities and some unique mechanics for an ultimately immersive gameplay.

Grand Theft Auto V Story

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Just like in the previous Grand Theft Auto games of Rockstar Games’ series, the new release is bringing us a new fascinating story, but with a similar structure with the previous titles regarding the past and present conflict in the character’s present due to his past actions, haunted by the will try to find a way to the freedom, which comes with a price. So in GTA V, we have some new features such as switching between three characters with individual lives and stories that will later be connected one to another because of their actions. The game starts with a robbery and three people: one dying and the group disbanded. But they will meet again later.

Michael De Santa is living in a beautiful mansion with his family, wearing nice suits and driving cool cars. From the exterior, you can say Michael is a successful man. But in the inside, he is having trouble keeping is family together: his wife cheats on him with a Tennis Coach, and because of this he will have some troubles and debts with a Mexican drug lord. His daughter is living a night and dive life, chasing boys, drugs and living on the rooftop. Michael is trying to connect with her, making her to choose better life options, but that’s in vein. And his son is playing games all day in his dark room. Another character in the story of Grand Theft Auto V is Franklin Clinton, who is living the street life with drugs, gangs and trying to become big and rich in the city, just like, in San Andreas, CJ did, but this time having some trouble with money and a rival gang trying to take over his territory.  And the other character, Trevor Philips, is a temperamental man living in misery, screaming all the time, doing some drug low business and living in a rural area. Trevor is an ex-military pilot now living in disgrace.

After some years, Michael and Franklin meet and plan a new robbery on a Jewels store, which is successful. Trevor sees it at the news, at TV, recognizing the style and patterns of the robbery, starting to question himself about what really happened nine years ago, when the group was together. He starts to search for his old gang members, seeing they are living a good life and that Michael is fine, seeming that he has faked his own death nine years ago in order to live a different live. Some conflicts appear from the past, but they have another problem with a governmental agency and drugs cartels. So they plan a final big robbery and the story is also taking their friendship in an unexpected direction.

Grand Theft Auto V Mechanics

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The open world is massive, graphics are well developed, in depth effects are very realistic and textures are too. You can do all sort of things, just like in the previous game series: flying, driving sky jets, driving boats and all sorts of vehicles and equipment. You can do wild hunting, jump with the parachute from a moving train and so on.

Voice acting is also great and playing this game you will feel like in a movie, due to excellent transitions and animations given by the game mechanics.

Grand Theft Auto V Modes

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Single player and multiplayer are both available modes for the fifth main title in the revolutionary GTA series

Grand Theft Auto V Technical Issues

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Apart from a few bugs, low fps and lags in the center of the city on older computers that can’t support the newly added visual updates, mechanics and graphics, and problems with the maps, no major problems are currently present in the game of Grand Theft Auto V, thanks to a dynamic community of talented developers always ready to fix the occurred issues.

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Available on: PC

Game Platform: Steam

Publishment year: 2015

Gengre: Action, Adventure