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Grand Theft Auto IV description

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Grand Theft Auto IV is, as the title says, the fourth apparition from the 3D Game series. In this one, the settings are placed in a fictional city called Liberty City, which was inspired by the real New York. The game was developed and released by Rockstar Games Company in 2008 and it was successful even from the beginning. When it was released, 3.6 million copies of the game were sold only in the first week. Becoming a best selling product, it dethroned other popular products from that age such as Spider-Man 3 or Harry Potter.

Grand Theft Auto IV won many awards including: Best game of the Year, GameSpot Award, IGN Best Use of Sound.

Grand Theft Auto IV Story

Grand Theft Auto IV 03 

The story is focused on Niko Bellic, a Russian emigrant. From the beginning of the game, we see Niko Bellic meeting his cousin, Roman, at the harbor. After some small talk about the past, he drives to Roman’s place. Facing the harsh reality, Roman lives in a dirty place, he is not rich and everything he has told him about the “American Dream” is a lie. Roman is just having a low taxi business. But he is enthusiastic and he says everything will be better than now, especially because they are together. His cousin is involved in some shady deals too, so Niko Bellic will have to take care of him and keep him out of trouble, yet it will not be an easy thing to protect his cousin from loan sharks, from crazy Russian mobsters and so on. Furthermore, Niko Bellic is also hiding something about his reasons for coming to America. Haunted by his past fights that took place in the Bosnian war and by some criminal activities with money and with mafia, the player ill quickly learn that his character, Niko Bellic, is not such a stranger to weapons and he will use them with every occasion in Liberty City, in order to accomplish his missions, protect his cousin, gain money and respect or simply in order to escape certain situations or to survive.

 At the same time, Liberty City is in need of a hitman and a problem solver to be discreet and take care of things, so people with money will surround him and give him all kinds of missions, mostly regarding dangerous and risky criminal activity, in which Niko Bellic is usually the best. But in the end, who cares about Niko Bellic – in the game story, he will be just another weapon for others. With all that betrayal around him, it is hard for Nico to see the real friends, but in the final we will see where his chosen path will lead him.

Grand Theft Auto IV Mechanics

 Grand Theft Auto IV 04

In this part of the game series, the character will have a new feature: a phone, and he can use it for various purposes such as hanging out with friends. He will be able to choose drinking, playing pool, bowling, as well as getting drunk and seeing everything blurry around. With the same phone, the protagonist can also call his girlfriend and go with her to the theater or various restaurants and maybe, later, even go to her place. And if he won’t have a girlfriend, he’ll always have the option to go to the Internet Cafe rooms and to chat with strangers. In this part of the game series, you can also do all sort of things similar to the others previous ones, including driving all sort of vehicles, climbing, swimming and more activities.

In comparison to the last game of the series, GTA IV will have some graphic improvements, well developed shadows and lights for the environments and new animations for stealing cars, shots, moving, punching etc.

Grand Theft Auto IV Technical Issues

 Grand Theft Auto IV 06

Most of the bugs and glitches come from the PC version of the game, as some players have problems with fps drops in city when driving, they get stuck in loading screen when pressing the key button to start the game, or lose all game saves. Camera control stuck or being odd is another frequent issue.

 On others platforms, some classical bugs to consider are getting stuck in a building, cars and people vanishing, guns’ bugs, police arrest bugs and other similar ones.

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Available on: PC, Xbox ONE, PS

Game Platform: Steam

Publishment year: 2008

Gengre: Action, Adventure, open world