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Grand Theft Auto III

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Grand Theft Auto III description

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Grand Theft Auto III has been published by Rockstar Games on the 21st of May 2002 and it is the third game in the series, defining a new open world genre for the GTA series.

 Along with the just mentioned innovation, the third installment in the franchise is also coming with a new immersive soundtrack and much more interesting storyline, immersing the player into a new adventure seen from a third person’s perspective.

Grand Theft Auto III Story

 Grand Theft Auto III 03

The game starts with a video footage, with the sound of an alarm in the background. Claude, the main character of the game, is doing a bank robbery with his girlfriend.  Things twist up and his girlfriend betrays him by shooting him and running away with all the money. Claude is sent to prison with a ten years sentence. After some days in the police custody, they send him to a prison in a big SUV. Here, Claude is making a friend named 8-Ball. On the way to the prison, on a bridge, cars start to shake and explosions with gunfire are heard loud in his ears. The back door of the police transportation car opens and some men show up, ordering him to come with them. They are friends with 8-Ball and are from the Columbian mafia. Claude manages to escape from the burning bridge to his friend’s house. Here, he is introduced to the crime organization of the Liberty City. He is doing some jobs for the drug lord, mobsters and everyone who can pay him good. But secretly, he wants to find and confront Catalina, to take revenge on her.

 He will take part of gun fights, drugs, prostitution and extortion and his reputation will grow. But he will also make enemies among the rival Bosses of the city. Claude will work for The Leone Family that owns Sex Club 7, including notorious mobsters such as Don Salvatore, Capo Toni Cipriani or Joey Leone. At the same time, Catalina will work for the Columbian cartel, spreading around the city an expensive and addicting drug named Spank. After a while, Claude will work with other powerful shady characters such as Ray Machowski, a corrupted police officer, and Asuka, who works for the Yakuza clan and who will persuade him to kill the Leone family. After Claude does that, Leone family will become his enemy and in this chaotic criminal world, he and Catalina will meet one day again in a final confrontation.

Grand Theft Auto III Mechanics

Grand Theft Auto III 04

For the age of 2001, graphics offer good animation, although it can be improved a little. It’s the first 3 dimensional game from the GTA series and may have some limitations: you can’t swim, you can’t pilot a big airplane, call someone on the phone, eat at a restaurant or go to gym etc. But GTA III has its own beauty and is a spark in comparison to the previous 2 games of the series. You will have to press F key or enter to steal cars, buy a gun from ammo shop and armor. The game is great because you have the freedom to move everywhere and to do the missions in any order you want. You can jump from the ramps with your car or from buildings or bridges and you will earn money for some awesome stunts.

If you are bored of the main plot, you can take a taxi car and do funny missions, driving people around and familiarizing yourself with the city, or even work on an ambulance and fireman car. A small radar on the screen with the map will indicate your directions. It is not very accurate from the distance, but it is great to have it. But also doing something bad may attract the police to chase you try, and you’ll see how many wanted stars you can make!

Grand Theft Auto III Modes

 Grand Theft Auto III 05

GTA 3 is available in both single player and multiplayer modes, engaging you into the most complex virtual open-world of the moment of its release.

Grand Theft Auto III Technical Issues

 Grand Theft Auto III 06

As for the technical performance, most of the reviews are positive in this regards and the bugs or few crashes encountered have a very minimum level, which only further praises the developers for an incredible technical job as well along with the mechanic and story.

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Available on: PC

Game Platform: Steam

Publishment year: 2002

Gengre: Action