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Generation Zero description

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Generation Zero will welcome players into a world of Sweden during the 1980s, when they will get to explore everything from the beginning and to discover some strange machines walking on the streets, fighting strategies to help them survive and, of course, the mysteries that lead the population to unexpectedly disappear.

Offering several ways in order to obtain victory and defeat the invader enemies, Generation Zero is a new adventure game expected to be launched by its developers, Avalanche Studios, on 26th of March 2019. It is an engaging game with some beautiful visual artwork and excellent graphics, ready to be explored in a solo manner or accompanied by a few friends.

Generation Zero Story

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Generation Zero is offering an interesting story set in the lands of 1980s’ Sweden, which is not divulgated by the developers in order to preserve its mystery and the joy of playing and discovering alone the mysteries and particularities of the plot. What we are offered to know about Generation Zero’s story wt this point, is that strange machines have started to roam over the streets, fully armed and with unique technologies and tactics of attacking and destroying, while the population of the place has simply vanished.

 The player will be introduced to this world in process of destruction through a character that will get the role of one of the remaining fighters. Therefore, by sticking to the mission and fighting the machines in order to survive, using last fighting technologies and unique weapons, the player will start to gradually unveil the reasons of the current situation in Sweden and the remedy that would restore the peace and gain back people’s control upon their country, defeating the machines and destructive forces once and forever.

Generation Zero Mechanics

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Generation Zero is focused on a single-player mode and therefore is uses a first person perspective upon the entire game. Taking place in an open world, mechanics of the game are various and quite engaging for the player, who will need to cooperate in order to succeed and survive and to improve the usage of their character’s various abilities. Exploration is an important element of the game mechanics, as multiple visual elements and modern graphics combine into an environment and virtual world ready to adventure in and to discover at every step. In addition, there is an interesting day-night cycle and a dynamic condition of changing the weather in the game surroundings, which will make the playthrough even more enjoyable and authentic.

 Apart from these, enemies and combats represent an important focus of Generation Zero’s mechanics. Opponents will be very diverse regarding their resistance to damage, their fighting abilities, their sizes and weapons. The process of defeating them will be based on a step by step strategy of first disarming them, next getting rid of their sensors, followed by damaging their armor and, ultimately, killing them. Some will be easy to defeat, while others will be too difficult to take down directly and you will need to make plans and tactics, finding combinations of skills and weapons and using your existing equipment in the most intelligent ways in order to succeed in taking their heads off. After successfully defeating these machines, players will have the possibility to take their loots and become more powerful, improving their entire potential to in a combat. An interesting feature when taking these particular loots will be the hairstyles and outfits you will find, which will recreate the atmosphere of the 1980’s.

Generation Zero Modes

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As already stated, Generation Zero is provided in a single-player mode and it will also be available in cooperation between up to four players, for a full experience of the adventures and battles against the machines and difficulties of the game.

Generation Zero Technical Issues

Generation Zero 06

While certainly knowing the technical performances and bugs of Generation Zero will be possible only after it will be played, after getting released on March 2019, we have still been divulgated a few pluses and secrets from what the game will be offering regarding its technologies.

     First of all, Generation Zero will be using an original APEX technology and an advanced artificial intelligence for the enemies, in order to come up with worthy opponents and challenging situations. Furthermore, a closely developed sound layer and high quality 3D visuals of the game buildings, locations and environment as well as the local flora and design details of the machines, are going to bring up a great experience for every player of Generation Zero.

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Available on: PC, PlayStation 4, XONE

Game Platform: Steam

Publishment year: 2019

Gengre: Adventure, Action