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Far Cry New Dawn description

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Far Cry: New Dawn as developed by Ubisoft Montreal and is representing the new adventure game that will soon be released in only a few days by Ubisoft: a game available for PC, PS4 and XBox One that directly continues its previous episode, Far Cry 5, which has taken place in Montana, a state from the beautiful virtual America.

This time, players will be immersed into the game world of Hope County, after 17 years have passed since the nuclear apocalypse that has caused so many disasters in Montana and its surroundings. Seeking to take over the resource that have remained for survival, Highwaymen will represent the main enemies in the game against players will put effort to fight through their characters.

Far Cry: New Dawn Story

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As unveiled in the description above, the story of Far Cry: New Dawn will be taking place after seventeen years since the nuclear catastrophe has destroyed the entire realm of Montana, North America, only one of the numerous victims of the apocalyptic event. After years of cold and struggle for survival, Hope County will be boosted by the sunlight and warmth that starts spreading again the hope and happiness into the world. Among several modifications in the nature, all positive and satisfying for survivors living in this post-apocalyptic environment, flowers will start spreading their vibrant colors and perfumes again, light will start immersing the lands again and dense vegetation will refill the earth, making everything – inclusively people’s hearts – blossom once again after a long period of darkness. In this positive changing universe of the game, an overwhelming army of Highwaymen, a group of dandruffers whose leaders are Mickey and Lou, to twins, will travel all around what has remained in the country, destroying what they meet in their way. These will be the enemies in the game story.

     Furthermore, the story will have a character chosen and customized by the player as a self-made hero/heroine who will have to make use of his abilities, skills and growing experience in order to resist the invaders and protect his realm. Help of other inhabitants can be used once they are convinced to become the allies of the main character, allowing him to stay in a settlement called Prosperity as his home. Other helpful characters in the story will be sniper Nana, a cute pet in the game, Horatio, a massive wild boar and Timber, a beautifully designed Akita dog with amazing details and colors. All the elements in the game will be visually enhanced by experienced designers, offering the most epic storyline and a very enjoyable adventure experience.

Far Cry: New Dawn Mechanics

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The twins ruling over the opponent army will aim to steal every remaining resource for themselves, letting nothing behind them once they finish with a country they “visited”. Therefore, survivors lead by the hero will have to stand in front of the Highwaymen, defending their goods and lands, and keeping the threatening danger away from Hope County and from Montana in general.

 The game mechanics are spectacular, offering great opportunities to form alliances in spectacular ways in a post apocalyptic world, in order to destroy every villain attacking. You will be able to get into combats with enemies using best fighting strategies and most interesting weapons, which can be crafted in your base place if you recruit specialized characters of the game to craft and upgrade all of your goods, including your guns, weapons and gear. Furthermore, you will even be able to further explore the vast lands of the virtual world in Far Cry: New Dawn, as you will have the possibilities to take your allies to fight in larger combats of the dimension of a war, making expeditions to unforgettable lands of the USA and attracting your opponents into Turf Wars.

Far Cry: New Dawn Modes

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Far Cry: New Dawn is offering two playing modes, equally interesting and challenging. You will be able to choose either playing along in a single player mode, or to cooperate with someone else, in multiplayer mode which will allow two players to work together on defeating the enemies into the most intense battles.

Far Cry: New Dawn Technical Issues

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Once the game will be published and tested, its technical performance and eventual issues will certainly be discussed and reported.


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Available on: PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4

Game Platform: Steam

Publishment year: 2019

Gengre: Action, Adventure