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Far Cry 5 description

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Released on the 27th of March 2018 by the same development team that has created the entire franchise of the Far Cry series, Far Cry 5 is a new adventure that will take players into new places and will offer them new missions for an immersive action during the playthrough.

This time, you will be taken to Montana, Hope County, where you will have to stand upon a group of enemies in order to resist and liberate the community that was overwhelmed by the presence of the opponents. This enemy team will be a fanatical cult, ruled by Joseph Seed and the Heralds, his Siblings, who will perform various types of crimes upon Montana and who will not stop unless you stand up to them and defeat their people.

Far Cry 5 Story

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The story of Far Cry 5 is set in a new place, different from all the previous settings in other releases of the series created by Ubisoft. While other locations you have previously explored were islands and African lands, now you will be fighting against an organization of fanatic criminals in Montana, Hope County.

 The role that the story in Far Cry 5 is assigning you is of a police officer. Your job will be destroying those cults roaming around your place, gathered under the title of The Project at Eden’s Gate. The late sinners, as Joseph Seed, the ruler over the criminal organizations, will call them, will be your main enemies. Their leader and your most dangerous opponent as well, will be once again charismatic and sadistic, always ready to take you down. But don’t worry, the plot is also assigning allies to you, too, not letting you face these fanatic groups alone. During your fight, you will have next to you pastor Jerome Jeffries, who will fight those people for the simple objective of supporting the good and defeating the evil, Mick Rye, a pilot who will fight due to his concerns for his own family, and a girl whose family has been previously kidnapped by Joseph Seed and who is now seeking for revenge: Mary May Faigrave.

Far Cry 5 Mechanics

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Presenting the events and action of the game from a first person perspective, Far Cry 5 is a new shooter in the series of Far Cry and its mechanics and graphics are improved versions of the same complex options that the series has offered during its entire history. Starting the adventure by creating the features, appearance and skills of your character, of the police officer, you will get to decide for the first time in the series about the genre and special talents and powers of your hero and getting the opportunity to improve them and unlock new ones as the game progresses. The way to improve these skills will be, obviously, participating into additional activities and side quests and completing several challenges and missions. Apart from these, in order to gain the victory upon your enemies, you will also have some special missions given by potential allies in order to gain their trust and friendship, as well as their help in your fight for the safety of Montana.

 Furthermore, as you already expect due to the previous Far Cry releases, you will be situated on an open map, free to explore some beautiful mountainous landscapes, green fields and river lands, which will have an even larger dimension than the areas you have previously encountered in your missions and therefore, you will need American muscle cars, trucks and similar massive vehicles in order to travel, while you will also have available more enjoyable means of transport, each carrying its own advantages and risks, such as bikes, fly planes and boats. But more important, you will need weapons in order to resist Seed’s siblings. Therefore, several guns, knives, clubs, pitchforks and other similar cold steel weapons will be available and modifiable for creative and interesting combats, while your approach and strategy for battle will be totally up to you. You will be able to jump on your enemies directly or use a stealth tactic for a smarter and more efficient victory. An interesting feature will be the possibility to craft new tools and fix existing worn out weapons by using elements from the surrounding environment, and a last immersive activity that will come as a distraction from the main storyline and conflict with the fanatics, will be the ability to kill or, better, tame wild animals in order to use them as strong, helpful, resistant and reliable allies in battles.

Far Cry 5 Modes

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Far Cry 5 comes in a single player mode for solo adventures and, for those who wish to play the game with friends, up to 12 players will be able to play at a time into a cooperative multiplayer mode that will allow you to complete missions and finish the game and its activities along with other players and even to personalize your scenarios by editing levels due to a newly implemented mode.

Far Cry 5 Technical Issues

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With high quality soundtrack and visuals and rich details regarding both characters and surroundings, Far Cry 5 has once again demonstrated almost perfect technical performance, not providing any major annoying bugs, freezing or crashes.

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Available on: PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4

Game Platform: Steam

Publishment year: 2018

Gengre: Action, Adventure