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Far Cry 2 description

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The second apparition in the Far Cry 2 Franchise is a sequel to the hit that was released in 2004 and it was also developed by Ubisoft, its official publisher.

Far Cry 2 is taking you in a new place, in a small African country threatened by the war and malaria in which the entire virtual world is immersing, where your character will be trapped and forced to make deals with some corrupt lords of war in order to keep this area safe. But in order to gain the final victory, you will have to use your strategic thinking and to cleverly find out the weakness of your enemies in order to exploit them and gain those advantages that will help you achieve your goals. 

Far Cry 2 Story

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While some say that the story is non-existent in Far Cry 2, there is an actual short plot that explains who and where you are – and which your missions are. The action is set in the period of a civil war, in a small area from Africa where, apart from the diamonds that enrich the place, the threatens of war effects and of malaria are standing upon. In this scenario, representing an official sequel of Far Cry, completely different from the tropical island from the original release, you will be exploring more vast territories, including deserts, wild jungles and beautifully designed savannas.

 The story will also force you to accept making deals with corrupt warlords from both sides of the conflict, who will ensure your place safe while their conflicts destroy the other areas. In order to win, you will have to develop several skills in attacking with brute force, taking your enemies out of a sudden in unexpected surprises and neutralizing their own forces and defenses, after carefully studying and identifying their weaknesses and learning how to take advantage on them in order to make this place your home country.

Far Cry 2 Mechanics

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Apart from the changes of the environment, taking you from an island picture to an African landscape, there are not many changes in the graphics and mechanics of the game. And these didn’t influence the gameplay in a massive way. There is a larger number of maps including four brand-new ones (Last Resort, Fort Fury, Cheap Labor and Lake Smear), all of them offering the possibility to be explored freely according to your will, and in order to travel from a place to another you will be able to use fourteen different means of transport, such as paragliders and wheeled vehicles, including two new ones: Quad and Unimog.

 Furthermore, there have been added three different weapons: crossbow, silenced shotgun and sawed-of shotgun, for a more intense spectacle during combats. Opponents will be controlled by the artificial intelligence of the computer and their level will be improved since the previous release in the Far Cry Series. They will have the ability to adapt their strategies according to yours and to change the tactic of their battle according to the time of the day and to the conditions of the weather. Thirty weapons will be available for you to take your opponents down and get rid of them forever, including rocket launchers and other basic pistols, guns and usual rifles. An interesting feature brought by the mechanics in this game will be the possibility of the weapons to wear out after you use them – so pay attention and replace them when necessary, in order to not be caught with your guard down. If you can’t make it to your base and take new weapons, don’t worry. The developers have crafted an environment that can easily be destroyed in order to clear your way or help you hide from your opponents – or even to use the surroundings in order to trick and trap your enemies before destroying them. Just use your creativity and be efficient, and the game mechanics will allow you to quickly take down your enemies.

Far Cry 2 Modes

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Far Cry 2 is coming in both multiplayer and single player modes, allowing players to enter the world of the game both in teams with other friends or all alone for a more intense adventure in the unexplored forests and jungles of a virtual Africa.

Far Cry 2 Technical Issues

 Far Cry 2 06

Very few and small issues and bugs were encountered during the gameplay. For example, some problems were encountered with the malaria system, freezing in case of lower operating systems or, in some situations and areas of the game land, the character kept being taken down by cars everywhere he went.

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Available on: PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 3

Game Platform: Steam

Publishment year: 2008

Gengre: Action, Shooter