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Devil May Cry 5 description

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With only a few more days until it gets published, on the 8th of March this year, Devil May Cry 5 is a fantasy game of action, the fifth in the popular series with the same title, developed by Capcom. Created by an entire team of directors and designers, each specializing in several elements such as environment, clothing, character personalities, combats, etc., the new release in the Devil May Cry series is promising to be one of the most visually enhanced experiences from the series.

Devil May Cry 5 Story

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Devil May Cry 5 presents the direct sequel for Devil May Cry 4, with Dante seen in a different way and with a more serious action and well developed storyline. This time, Dante will be presented as a half-demon and half-man hybrid fighting for various creatures.

 Set after several years since the incident called Order of the Sword, the story of Devil May Cry 5 is presenting a new and unexpected phenomenon appearing out of a sudden in Red Grave City. More exactly, a gigantic tree started attacking with his roots the entire ton, feeding his thirst with the blood of the citizens. Again with Nero as the hero in the game, players will have to use the enchanted Red Queen and Blue Rose in order to fight unexpected enemies, after getting back his pride and stolen power from the Red Grave, with the help of Nico, the one providing new weapons to Nero. Nonetheless, a new supernatural power will be immersing Nero’s right arm, giving him the ability of Devil Breaker, a new anti-demon weapon to use in the most spectacular combats, refillable in order to stock up useful items.

Devil May Cry 5 Mechanics

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Just like in the predecessor games of Devil May Cry 5, the game will be split into different levels with several grades to be awarded after each mission will be completed. With an improved and equally engaging combat system, the mechanics of the game have also included, no, a set of sandbox features. Maps are offering far more freedom than ever previously in the series, while the movement of the protagonist when not fighting has been incredibly improved. At the same time, there will be magical red stones made out of crystallized demon blood in the game, as well as other magical and valuable objects, which will be ready to be exchanged for new skills or weapons.

 As for the combats, although they won’t be based on QTE sequences and nor revolutionary changes occurred in their style, strategy or base, they will still be spectacular and engaging. The environment will be full of interactive objects which players will have the possibility to use in their combats, while a new future regarding fights will be the temporary possibility that will sometimes appear, for players to enter combats of large dimensions, fighting several enemies at once. With all these, the most beautiful and epic battles remain those against bosses, here duels can also be split into different sequences taking action in various and unique scenarios.

Devil May Cry 5 Modes

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Modes haven’t been much modified from other series, and more information about these aspects is yet to come when the game will be released.

Devil May Cry 5 Technical Issues

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Nonetheless, regarding the technologies used in Devil May Cry 5 for a unique experience in battles and exploration of the game, Unreal Engine as used, a great development tool that allows high quality visuals to be observed and enjoyed on every playable platform. More exactly, Devil May Cry 5 will be working with 60fps, featuring a dynamic camera system which can move closer or farther from the hero and characters according to their actions, for example in a one – to – one combat or in a fight against a larger group of enemies. While the images have been closely worked on, the soundtrack hasn’t been left behind either. Onyay Pheori is the one who helped at composing the soundtrack of Devil May Cry 5, using all the experience already gained during his also excellent work on Devil May Cry 4.

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Avalibe on: PlayStation 4, XONE, PC

Game Platform: Steam

Publishment year: 2019

Gengre: Action, Fantasy