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Devil May Cry 4 description

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Devil May Cry 4 was published on 8th of July for PC, while its versions for PlayStation ad Xbox were released a little earlier, on the 4th of February of the same year. Even from the beginning, the game immerses its gamers into a gothic world with supernatural forces and contexts, bringing up a new protagonist inspired from a familiar hero.

Nero is, in Devil May Cry 4, the new leading man who will unleash, under the player’s control, incredible attacks and endless combo movements, strategies and actions, using the ne and completely unique mechanic of the game, which will be his powerful arm: Devil Bringer. Nero’s companion will be Kyrie, a woman with the double role of sister and mother, whose brother is the leader of Holy Knights.

Devil May Cry 4 Story

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The story of Devil May Cry 4 will follow, therefore, the actions that the player will take while controlling Nero. Making only slight references to the stories of previous Devil May Cry productions, the fourth game in the series is coming up featuring Sparda, the father of Dante and Vergil, as a demon worshiped by the Order of the Sword to become the Legendary Dark Knight.

Furthermore, Devil May Cry 4 is bringing together all the mentioned Holy Knights that the main hero might belong to. The story’s conflicts, thirst for revenge and cruelty will be caused by an episode set in a day when Nero sees a carnage that Dante has carried out – a decisive moment when he chooses to take vengeance and swears to do so.

Devil May Cry 4 Mechanics

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While travelling through the virtual world by controlling Nero, players will be experiencing a unique gothic world, including high definition visuals ad excellent graphics to illustrate the exotic locales and excellent details of every supernatural or ordinary element from the game universe. Furthermore, Nero is coming across a huge diversity of enemies, who are presented in horrible, hellish looks in general. In a similar way to previous publications of the series, Devil May 4 will also have opponents attack in groups, while several boss fighting missions will have the players engaged in combats with much larger monsters than the hero.

But the special element in the game mechanics of Devil May 4 is, of course, the supernatural Devil Bringer, a supernatural power inherited by Nero from his father, due to which he will be able to turn into a demonic warrior during combats, demonstrating improved defense skills and impressively increased power. And for a more complex way of fighting and defeating the devil armies, developers have also added the Blue Revolver, a double barreled revolver, and a great sword to the protagonist’s equipment, entitled Red Queen. With all these tools and superpowers, Nero will be able to throw enemies at the walls and use a great extensive movement system that will allow players to use the incredible combos and magical abilities of their hero. And nonetheless, the visual satisfaction offered by the graphics of every epic combat will be breathtaking due to the special effects of chopping enemies with the sword while throwing them in the air, in a bloody spectacle.

Devil May Cry 4 Modes

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There are several improvements and new updates in Devil May Cry, amongst we can also count the exclusive PC features such as the Turbo Mode and the Legendary Dark Mode, which will allow players to adopt different types of strategies while in combat, either by taking insane speed in their actions or by choosing to fight an endless-like number of enemies for extra difficulty and a more spectacular fight show.

Devil May Cry 4 Technical Issues

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Regarding the technical job done by the developers in Devil May 4, certain locations from the virtual world such as the factory, the courtyard, the church or the port, are certainly some works of art. With unique designs and appealing styles, with different types of architecture for surrounding buildings, elements such as detail focus and environment have made the graphic and visual experience of the game really exceptional. Lights have been excellently been worked, animations are flawless and almost hypnotic and the actions are empowered by a wild and dark soundtrack, immersing the player into an engaging virtual land.

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Available on: X360, PC, PlayStation 3

Game Platform: Steam

Publishment year: 2008

Gengre: Action, Adventure