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Days Gone is a publication of Sony Interactive Entertainment expected to be released during the year of 2019, in one of the spring days of April. Developed by Bend Studio, the same talented team that has created and designed everything in the PlayStation Vita compatible version of Uncharted: Golden Abyss, Days Gone will be launched as their first video game developed exclusively for PlayStation 4.

 The game is a shooter presenting several adventures and conflicts encountered with zombies in a post-apocalyptic virtual land from the North America. While it will show everything from a third-person perspective, Days Gone will be presenting the situation created by a mysterious and inexplicable virus that has appeared and started to devastate the entire world.

Days Gone Story

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Taking place on the West Coast of the North American lands, the story of Days Gone will be presented after two years since a mysterious virus has outburst, immersing the entire globe into a huge battlefield, where conflicts started to develop between the survivors trying to defend themselves in a world of chaos and horror, and where defeated people were transformed into millions of zombies, today called freakers, aiming to take control upon every remaining resource on the earth and to get fed with the fresh flesh of every remaining survivor.

 You will enter the story controlling the protagonist of the game, who will be a member from a club of motorcycle lovers, who has felt the biggest pain and experienced the greatest loss when the love of his life was destroyed by the terrifying apocalypse. Still struggling to accept the reality and to find his own place among the new world where he’ll have to live, and still feeling the nostalgia of the “days gone”, the character will travel through several locations of the North America, in a journey where his role will be to defeat every zombie and monster crossing his path.

Days Gone Mechanics

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As a shooter of action and adventure genre, Days Gone will have a perspective from behind the main character, seeing everything in the game through a camera with multiple angles from behind. The game mechanics will be offering a huge map in a sandbox system, which will allow you to explore the new world and search for items you can use in order to craft new weapons to fight your opponents and for resources such as water and food in order to survive.

 Nonetheless, the game will be challenging you through several enemies. All have been human in the past, before the virus affected them, yet some of them gone mad and others were turned into hordes of zombies and genetic mutated monsters that will only be destroyable through indirect confrontations. So you will need to create the most efficient tactics and strategies in order to kill those threatening your life and complete all your missions.

Days Gone Modes

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All we know, at the present moment, about Days Gone, is that the game will be offering a single player mode which will be challenging according to the fact that direct confrontation will mean certain loss in one to one duels with the enemies. Yet, this will make the gameplay more interesting and engaging for ambitious gamers who love shooting at enemies using strategies and different tactics and who are eager to learn the weaknesses of their opponents quickly in order to defeat them all by themselves.

 To keep it short, in order to offer accurate information and to further explore and explain the modes that the game will offer, we are waiting for the title to be released on the official website of the publisher and to get tested by players.

Days Gone Technical Issues

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The scenario of a post-apocalyptic world, more and more developed in the games industry in the recent years and more and more beloved by action game lovers, is promising a quite high level of visual quality and sound definition. Moreover, the fact that it is published and developed by some teams that have previously offered some iconic publications is also raising the standards and expectations for the new release. Yet, again, in order to be sure about certain aspects of the technical regards upon Days Gone and to talk about existent or non-existent technical issues and bugs, we will need to see the game launched and playable. Stay around for the newest updates and information about the performance of Days Gone!

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Available on: PlayStation 4

Game Platform: Official Website

Publishment year: 2019

Gengre: Action, Shooter