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Battlefield 1

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Battlefield 1 description

Another full-fledged part of one of the most popular series of fighter shooters FPP, developed since 2002 in cooperation with DICE studio and the Electronic Arts concern.

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Battlefield 1 is another full-fledged version of one of the most popular series of first-person shootings, aimed at multiplayer fun. The series debuted in 2002 with Battlefield 1942 and saw four parts and several spin-offs – including Battlefield Vietnam, Battlefield 2142, Battlefield: Bad Company and Battlefield Hardline. The original creators of the DICE studio, which since 2006 is part of the Electronic Arts group, are responsible for the creation of the next item in the series. The new edition of the Battlefield series was officially announced on May 6, 2016, and was released on October 21 on the three most important hardware platforms. The Windows PC version traditionally dominates over its console counterparts in terms of graphics quality and the choice of configuration options available.

Battlefield 1 story

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As the title suggests, Battlefield 1 takes us into completely new for the series – but also extremely rarely used by the developers of video games – the realities of World War I. The story shows us a global conflict from the perspective of five independent heroes, who came to participate in the first of the great armed conflicts of the twentieth century. Together with them we are witnessing the birth of a total war, which – contrary to popular belief – brought with it the greatest technological revolution in the history of the art of war. It was in the years 1914-1918 that for the first time the full capabilities of artillery, flame throwers or combat gases were used, tanks and machine guns were popularized, as well as the support of aviation began to be used. During the fictional campaign, we take part in one of the greatest battles in human history, taking place on various fronts of the Great War: from the narrow streets of the French towns, through strongly defended forts in the Italian Alps to the sun-burned deserts of Arabia.

Battlefield 1 Mechanics

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In terms of mechanics, Battlefield 1 is a kind of return to the roots of the series, throwing players into the middle of warfare and giving them much more freedom of action than it did in the last parts of the cycle. Individual missions are taking place here on wider and more open maps, which is the exact opposite of quite linear and battlefield 4 tasks from semi-closed locations.

The specific realities of the First World War were of course reflected in both the used armaments and vehicles, as well as in a completely different style of combat. Clashes in Battlefield 1 have become more brutal and have a more personal character, as much more emphasis has been placed on melee combat, for example with sapres or bayonets. In addition to infantry soldiers, the game also allows us to direct, among others, various airplanes (both assault fighters, fighters and bombers), three types of tanks, as well as behemoths with a huge firepower: a battleship, an airship and an armored train. What is very important, the operation of individual units is very different from each other – even within vehicles of the same type – so the ability to control a light tank, for example, may not be enough to efficiently direct its heavier model. An attractive addition is also the possibility of becoming a cavalry rider and taking part in a fight straight from the horse’s back.

Game modes

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Released on the PC, PS4 and XONE platform, Battlefield 1 traditionally offers a story campaign and a range of multiplayer options. In contrast to the last installments of the series, both modes of gameplay have come close to each other, and the mechanics of individual campaign missions do not differ significantly from the specificity of skirmishes in multiplayer mode. Here we have the opportunity to roll epic network duels with the participation of up to 64 players, which translates into one of the most spectacular battles in the genre’s history. Game operations are the biggest novelty in the game modes. These are historical battles, played sequentially on several maps; the successful game consists of a combination of conquest and assault modes.

Technical issues

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In technical terms, the production of EA DICE uses, as always, the benefits offered by the latest generation of the valued Frostbite engine. In Battlefield 1, this translates mainly into a much more interactive battlefield, which manifests itself in in an unprecedented system of destruction and a greater impact of the terrain (and changes occurring in it) on the course of the game. During the game, we can destroy not only large and small fighting vehicles, but also destroy whole buildings – from wooden huts to huge stone forts. Also new is the system of dynamically changing weather, sometimes significantly limiting visibility. Given the fact that we are dealing with the first installment of the series created solely for the modern eight-generation PCs and consoles, in terms of quality and detail of graphics, production is a significant step forward compared to Battlefield 4, released three years earlier.
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Avalibe on: PC, XboxONE, PS4

Publishment year: 2016

Gengre: Action