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Developed by BioWare Edmonton and expected to be published on 22nd of January 2019, Anthem is a role playing game of science fiction genre coming as a new release from the same experts that also designed the story, mechanics and technical layers of other top class games such as Mass Effect or Dragon Age.

 Featuring a gigantic all used by humanity in order to protect from cruel, brutal and scary monsters on an alien planet, Anthem is a shooter which will offer a thrilling experience to its players on all available platforms: PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Anthem Story

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The story of Anthem will be set on an extraterrestrial planet, a planet of the aliens here human population has been taken. In order to survive the extreme conditions and horrible monsters attempting to kill them and destroy all that has remained from the population, the game’s heroes, controlled by the player and called Freelancers, will have to get ingenious and efficient when using a gigantic wall as a huge armor to hide, defense and protect from monster attacks, and some special suits for the extraterrestrial environment, named Javelines, which will help them survive the scary and overwhelming world expecting them behind the all.

 The story about reasons how humanity has got on that planet, of the attacking monsters and regarding other aspects of the plot are going to be revealed during gameplay, answering every question about the characters of the game and about their origins and motivations, skills, abilities and objectives. In the end, the story of Anthem will be about the survival of humanity in a science – fictional realm.

Anthem Mechanics

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Regarding the game mechanics, there will be a combination of several MMO and shooter elements into the gameplay of Anthem. The first task of the player, as well as their ticket to entering the world of Anthem, will be to create their hero, to choose and work on his aspect and abilities. Furthermore, there will be an activity of exploration in the world from the game, or discovering missions and starting to complete them in order to gain rewards and to progress among the story, and scenarios of the game, to upgrade your Javelin exosuit and customize its appearance, to find out what challenges are coming next and to fight for staying safe and gaining victory. With every completed quests, players will be getting experience points to invest in their hero’s abilities and to help them evolve to better condition, powers and combat potential.

 There will be four different classes, each having a unique fighting style, skill set and appearance. In order to choose your defining class, the Javelin exosuit you will select will be representing your decision. What you will wear will define your strengths and powers according to which class it will stand for: Interceptor, Colossus, Ranger or Storm. The option to change your class, anyway, will remain available during the entire gameplay, no decision remaining final. The key in order to win will be understanding the exact amount of need of each skill during conflicts, which will help you establish a harmony between all the available powers and abilities and creating the most invincible team.

Anthem Modes

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Playable on the most popular platforms of the moment, Anthem will be available in both single player and multiplayer modes for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Focused mainly on multiplayer mode, in order to make players join the most epic adventures in invincible teams in order to complete challenging missions, Anthem will be offering raiding and hunting opportunities, to fight monsters and defeat the most powerful of them for extra points and XP. But the game will also be offering single player modes, and those will have the main character introduced into a home space and will allow him to interact with other characters and elements of the story.

Anthem Technical Issues

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Technical issues are expected to be discussed after having the game available to play once it gets officially released at the end of February 2019.

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Available on: PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

Game Platform: Official Website

Publishment year: 2019

Gengre: Science Fiction, Action